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Chokin' And Tokin'

Sam, Neal, and Mom Weir rush down the hospital corridor to Bill's mom, Gloria. Gloria looks like a cross between Kathleen Turner and Cher, as Dolly Pelliker, in Silkwood. ["Gloria is played by Claudia Christian of Babylon 5 fame." -- Wing Chun] Neal asks if Bill is still alive. He is, but his mom says "the last time he ate a peanut he was in a coma for two days. The doctor said he almost didn't make it." Sam asks if Bill is going to die. Mrs. Haverchuk tearfully says he won't and Mom Weir says, "Of course not," and goes to hug Gloria. Neal asks Sam not to use the word "die" in the hospital.

In Mr. Rosso's office, Daniel and Ken are introduced to Frank, a former student and current stoner. Frank asks Ken if he is into Floyd because Ken is wearing a Pink Floyd T-shirt. Ken says, "Hell, yeah," and Frank tell them about the time he saw Floyd at the pyramids. Daniel says, "The Egyptian pyramids?" Ken says that he doesn't think that Pink Floyd ever played there and Frank realizes that he meant the Dead. He got confused because he saw both concerts with a guy named Tim. Frank mentions that he saw Floyd at the Laserdome, though it was just their music, not the band. Daniel and Ken exchange WTF glances while Mr. Rosso thanks Frank for lunch. As he leaves, Frank tells Daniel and Ken to "shine on, you crazy diamonds," which is a reference to a Floyd song about Syd Barrett, a founder of the group who ODed. Ironic, huh? Daniel and Ken sit down and Mr. Rosso tells them he wants them to remember Frank because "he's fried out of his mind. He's Mr. Wake N' Bake." Ken says, "So?" Mr. Rosso tells them that Frank is their future if they keep on doing drugs. Daniel says that he was trying to get rid of his stash and Mr. Rosso says, "How dumb do I look?" Ken asks, "Do you really want to know?" Mr. Rosso says he'll give them a break and not expel them if they learn from Frank. The he asks, "Do we understand each other?" Ken deadpans, "As much as that is possible."

In Lindsay's room, she finds Nick's pot while going through her bag. She sniffs it then gets what appears to be Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album to use as a surface on which to roll a joint. She makes many attempts -- some too small, and some too big -- before she rolls one that suits her.

In the hospital, Sam and Neal ponder the possibility of Bill's ghost's haunting them, should he not pull through. They laugh about the thought until they see Mrs. Haverchuk crying, which sobers them up.

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