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Chokin' And Tokin'

Maureen and Vicki rush to Sam and Neal at the hospital. When they hear that Bill is in critical condition, they hug Sam and Neal. Sam shoots Neal a little grin over Maureen's shoulder.

Gloria (Bill's mom) tells Mom Weir that she feels guilty for what happened to Bill. Mom Weir tells her not to but Gloria admits to doing a lot of drugs and drinking when she was pregnant. Mom Weir seems shocked, but then recovers and tells her about dropping Sam on a brick patio when he was four months old, resulting in a hairline skull fracture. They both laugh and Gloria appreciates Mom Weir's candor.

Lindsay continues to freak out in the bedroom. She looks up "marijuana" in an encyclopedia and gets more and more strung out the more she reads. When Ryan comes in and tells Lindsay she's "it," her paranoia peaks and she tells him to "just give [her] some space, man." Millie calms her down and says she'll put Ryan to bed. Lindsay asks her how long her buzz will last and Millie gives her a very pitying look.

Millie has set Lindsay up on the couch with a blanket. Lindsay tells her that Nick is always stoned and wonders why. Millie says that it is because Nick is unhappy. Lindsay agrees and claims that everyone is unhappy. Then she starts to do that free-association philosophizing thing that stoned people do that is so annoying to non-stoned people. Millie says she is happy because God is taking care of her. Lindsay doesn't believe in God and she starts to suspect that the world doesn't exist except in the dreams of the Johnsons' dog. She convinces herself that everything will cease to exist if the dog wakes up. Whoa, bad trip, dude. Millie wakes up the dog while Lindsay protests. Millie tells her to have faith in God. When the world doesn't end and she sees Millie kissing the totally unimpressed dog. Lindsay look like she wants to get her hands on some more pot.

In the hospital, Bill comes around to the happy faces of his mother and friends. Mrs. Haverchuk tells him that his dad was worried, which surprises Bill. The doctor shoos them out but Neal and Sam stay behind to talk. They tell him about Maureen and Vicki showing up, and the girls' efforts to comfort the geeks. Bill says they can tell them he is still dying if it mean they'll get dates. They all agree to go to the sci-fi convention on Saturday.

At the Johnsons', Lindsay is starting to come down and is eating a bowl of Cheerios. Millie puts on some Mac Davis ("Baby, Baby, Don't Get Hooked on Me") to "get the monkey off [Lindsay's] back." Lindsay claims to love Mac Davis and Millie and wonders why they aren't friends anymore. Millie says that she thought they were friends. Lindsay is still too out of it to notice that she has hurt Millie. Lindsay vows to be a better friend. Millie suspects that Lindsay won't feel the same the next day. Lindsay promises she will.

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