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Dead Dogs And Gym Teachers

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Dead Dogs And Gym Teachers

Millie is feeling pretty dejected, and when Daniel offers her a bottle of beer, she accepts. Lindsay is shocked, saying, "But you don't drink!" Millie replies, "Now seems like a good time to start." She's having a little difficulty with the opener. Just wait until she has to try operating a cigarette lighter. Eventually, she gets the beer uncapped and says, "Bottoms up." At this point, even Kim seems a little shocked, and before Millie can actually drink any beer, Kim blurts, "I killed your dog!" This certainly gets Millie's attention, and she puts the beer down to ask, "What?" At first she thinks it's a tasteless joke, but not for long. She's angry that Kim never told her what happened. Kim lets it slip that Lindsay was involved, and now Millie is really upset. Lindsay leaves to talk to Millie, but not before thanking Kim for telling the truth.

Lindsay and Millie are sitting in Lindsay's bedroom. They have both skipped out on the concert, and things seem to be okay between them again. Lindsay pulls out a picture of Goliath and they reminisce a bit. Millie, very seriously, says, "He was a good dog." Lindsay agrees, just as seriously.

Biff is sitting on the couch watching a basketball game at the Haverchuck estate. When Bill comes in, Biff offers him the gigantic remote control, asking whether he wanted to watch anything. Bill just says, "Dallas is on," and changes the channel. He sits down on the floor in front of the couch. Biff stays to watch, but he looks pretty bored. Bill starts telling him about the characters and their relationships. At first Biff looks surprised that Bill is speaking to him, but he's smart enough to seize the opportunity and starts asking questions. Bill shushes him, and poor Biff apologizes, but after a moment Bill says, "I'll tell you during the commercial." I'm pleased to report that Biff finally gets to look happy. And that's good, because he deserves it.

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