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Dead Dogs And Gym Teachers

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Dead Dogs And Gym Teachers

Speaking of jokes, Nick is performing his song, "Lady L," for Ken. It has got to be a joke. Even Nick couldn't make up lyrics as corny as this:

I said, Lady L, let your soul be free
You closed your eyes and you wouldn't see
The only one who could ease your pain was me.

Huh. I guess it rhymes, at least. But you're not missing out on anything by not hearing the "tune," trust me. Nick plays guitar and sings about as skillfully as he writes songs. Oh God, there's more:

As I ride on my horse through the countryside
I said, Lady L, let me give you a ride
But as I pulled the reins of the horse
She pulled the reins of her soul
I'm outta control, Lady L
You couldn't see through my cloud of smoke
You held my heart, now it's bloody and broke
Is your green army jacket the only thing keeping you warm tonight?
Lady L, Lady L, she's my Lady L.

There's a few more "Lady L"s -- some of them sung in a painful falsetto -- but I just can't bring myself to listen to it again. Sorry. Ken strings Nick along for a bit before telling him the truth about awful the song is, including the use of the name "Lady L." Nick points out that he couldn't use Lindsay's real name, to which Ken replies, "You shouldn't use your real name if you're writing that stuff." Nick self-righteously says, "I think that as long as I am using my real emotions, then that's all that matters." Evidently, Nick was passed out when the '70s ended and it was decreed that people should not be allowed to say stuff like that anymore. Ever.

Over at Go-Cart City, Biff, Neal and Sam are engaging in a little good-natured, macho posturing over who's going to win the race. Even Bill enters into the spirit, marginally, and agrees to take part in a bet where Biff will buy triple ice creams for everyone if he doesn't win. I've never had even the slightest interest in go-carts, but watching the extended scene showing how much fun the guys are having makes it look like a good time. The only thing marring it is the background music. The song is terrible, so I assume it's by The Who.

Biff bumps into Bill, sending him crashing into some of the bales of hay lining the track. Everyone gets out of his go-cart and rushes over to Bill's side. Sam and Neal are telling him how cool his crash was, but Bill isn't taking it very well. "I hate you!" he shouts at Biff. He says that Fredricks doesn't care about people's feelings, only about winning. I don't know where he got that from, but it breaks my heart to see Biff looking like he's about to cry.

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