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Dead Dogs And Gym Teachers

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Dead Dogs And Gym Teachers

True to his promise, Daniel has supplied a "Magic Bus." He's standing in front of it, drinking a beer and grilling hot dogs, while some other freaks play Frisbee. Unfortunately, Nick is strumming his guitar. Lindsay wanders over, asking whether the guys have seen Millie. Ken uses her question as an excuse to silence Nick's guitar playing for a moment. Daniel offers her a "Who dog." Lindsay talks to Mark, the freak with the blond, frizzy hair, asking whether he knows where Millie is. He points her out and says, "You know, she's pretty hot. I like it when the good girls cross over." This earns him Lindsay's disgust. "Shut up! Keep away from her!" she says. Millie's mom drives up and gets out of her car to stare, aghast, at the "Magic Bus." When Millie goes over to her, they fight over Millie's going to the concert. It looks like Millie's won this round, because her mother says, "Go ahead and do what you want to do. Obviously, you don't care what I think." Why should she, woman? You look like the most irritating, uptight mother ever! No wonder Millie's a little disturbed. Mrs. Kentner gets in the station wagon and drives away. Mark shouts encouragement and praise at Millie, saying things like, "That's it, you tell Mama! Tell her how it is!" It's at moments like these that I like to give thanks that the '70s and early '80s are over.

Bill is sitting in the back seat of Fredricks's car when Biff himself comes over and sits beside him. Bill turns away so that Biff won't see him crying. Biff apologizes for crashing into Bill and says, "We don't know each other, do we?" He adds that at least now he knows that Bill thinks he is "a stupid jock Gym teacher." Biff goes on to ask Bill to consider his mom's feelings, since she's had a rough time over the past few years. He also says that he loves Gloria and knows he can make her happy. All he is asking is that Bill give him a chance. When Biff gets out of the car, Bill tries really hard not to cry, but eventually loses that battle.

Nick tells Lindsay how happy he is that she will be attending the concert. Lindsay seems surprised when Nick tells her how much Pete Townshend has inspired him as a songwriter. When Nick offers to sing the song he wrote for her, Lindsay has no choice but to feign enthusiasm, though you can tell she's a little leery of the prospect of Nick's singing to her. Mercifully for all of us, Ken comes along before Nick actually gets a chance to sing, and grabs the guitar out of his hands. He improvises a bit and, pretending to be Pete Townshend, smashes Nick's guitar to bits. When Nick confronts him, Ken says, "This is the biggest favour I ever did for you." Believe me, I'm grateful too. Thanks, Ken!

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