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Discos And Dragons

This episode begins with some funky coloured lights and the disco stylings of Foxy. According to the closed captioning, we're listening to a little ditty called "Hot Number." Oww! Joel Hodgson is back, and he is right into it. He's still playing the delusional loser guy who used to sell disco clothes in the mall, but now he's a DJ. I'm glad they showed him right off the bat, because otherwise I would have assumed I was watching "Mel Slurp's Rockpile" on SCTV. Ooh, someone's wearing shiny lavender spandex pants! I could watch this all day, but instead we cut to a shot of Lindsay, Kim, Daniel, and Ken walking into the disco. Oh, did I mention that the disco is in a bowling alley? Well, it is. And I'm willing to bet this is the same disco-in-a-bowling-alley that figures so prominently in the story of how Mr. Rosso caught herpes. Kim's telling the guys that it's stupid for them to be there, but Ken claims it's a tradition. He and Daniel shout out, in unison, "Disco sucks!" Everyone on the dance floor turns to stare at them. "Everyone" includes Nick, who probably could look worse than he does, but he'd have to devote considerable energy to it. Until someone tells me differently, I'll just assume the wardrobe people fished his orange wide-lapel shirt and brown vest out of the dumpster behind the local Goodwill shop. The freaks all stare at him, and Ken says, "Oh. My. God." Nick just shrugs in his sheepish, dorky way. Hmm, Lindsay really should pick her jaw up from the floor. It's probably really dirty down there, what with all those disco pheromones flying around. The opening credits are a welcome diversion at this point.

It's the end of the school year, and the geeks are discussing yearbook-signing strategies. Bill says he will only allow girls to sign his so that when he has kids, they will think he was "a big stud." Sam hopes that many girls will reveal that they have had crushes on him all year. Hey, I'm sure that somewhere in the world stranger things have happened. A bunch of jocks run by, knocking down the geeks' books. They call this a "geek clean-out." I've never heard the term before, but I have to agree with Sam that the whole thing is not very funny. Bill wonders how, with all the clean-outs and wedgies and swirlies the jocks perform, they even find the time to play sports. Sam whines that he's "sick of being called a geek," and he wonders, "What's so geeky about us anyway?" Harris arrives, right on cue, to tell them that the new Dungeons and Dragons manual is out, which should guarantee them a fun Friday night. Bill, Neal and Sam all look mighty uncomfortable about now.

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