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Discos And Dragons

There is a brief respite from Nick's humiliation as the "Groove Line" song continues in the background and we see the geeks and Daniel laughing and having a good time with their D&D game. Oh, no, it's back to Nick, and he's still giving it his all on the dance floor. Jason Segel is amazing; he does such a great job of making Nick endearing and dorky at the same time. Right now Nick is so into it that Joel has to order him off the dance floor to make room for the next contestant. The contestant's name is Eugene, and he's no better a dancer than Nick, but he's able to dance poorly while doing magic tricks. Haw! Just when you thought this final episode might become too sappy, Nick starts getting all upset and paranoid, whining, "They didn't say you were allowed to do magic!" Sara confirms her dorkiness by taking the dance contest seriously -- she actually looks worried as she comments that Eugene is good. Poor Nick, the lovable loser, seems destined to fail, no matter how low he sets his expectations.

Daniel is thrilled to have completed his first D&D campaign. Everyone applauds and Daniel looks really happy as he says he had fun and asks if they want to play again tomorrow night. Why, he looks at least sixty years younger now that he's all happy! He leaves the room to get a drink, and Bill asks, "Does his wanting to play with us again mean he's turning into a geek or we're turning into cool guys?" The consensus around the table is "cool guys." As a special going-away gift to them, I won't even challenge that. Besides "cool" is pretty subjective anyway.

The whole Weir clan is down at the bus station to bid adieu to Lindsay as she leaves for the academic summit. Mom offers to drive her, but Lindsay says she needs the time alone to think. The parents are totally proud of her, and Sam says he will miss her. As Lindsay's getting on the bus, Neal and Bill run up and ask her to wait. Neal looks a little embarrassed as he offers her "some chocolates for a sweet trip." Dang, that's cute. Bill comments that his family always gives his grandmother chocolates when they "put her on the bus." They also pin her name and address on her clothing in case she gets lost. Lindsay makes Neal's day by kissing him on the cheek, and she kisses Bill too, just for the hell of it. As she's walking up the bus steps, she turns around and says, "Hey, Mom?" Mrs. Weir looks at her trustingly and says, "Yes, sweetie?" Lindsay says, "I'll see you soon. Okay, love you." She chooses a seat and blows a kiss at her family as the bus drives away. The Grateful Dead's "Ripple" plays in the background and we see Lindsay arrive at her destination. Kim is waiting for her there, as are the two Deadheads she met in the school cafeteria. I'm not real keen on painted vans, but theirs actually looks cool. Lindsay greets everyone and takes off her jacket, replacing it with her army jacket. Heavy-handed symbolism like that should be really annoying, but on this show it's not. Everyone looks really excited to be going on this trip, and they all pile into the van. You can hear them shouting happily as they drive off.

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