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Discos And Dragons

Hey, speaking of discomfort, Nick's feeling it as his new girlfriend, Sara, informs Daniel and Ken that Nick is planning to enter a disco dancing competition on the weekend. Sara's really cute and she cracks me up as she tries to act all bad-ass around the freaks, but I'll bet that at home she listens to ABBA. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Daniel, who looks about forty-three here, informs them all that he is planning to cheat on his finals. That's probably a very good idea. As he watches Nick and Sara leave, Ken inquires, "What in the name of God is going on?" Down the hall a ways, Kim is wondering the same thing. Referring to Nick and Sara, she tells Lindsay, "That is so sad," but Lindsay defends Sara, saying she is "cool." Kim suggests that Nick is just trying to make Lindsay jealous. Lindsay contemplates that for a while.

The geeks file into their A.V. Club meeting room. Their advisor apologizes for smoking. He adds, "I know I might look cool with a cigarette in my hand, but remember, it's just a crutch." Ha! If I thought it would make me as funny as this guy, I'd pick up smoking again. Upon learning that the geeks have been "cleaned out," he gives them one of the coolest pep talks I've ever heard. He even accompanies it with hand gestures. First he maps out the career trajectory of a typical jock, who reaches the pinnacle of his success in performing clean-outs on geeks. From there it's all downhill, from used-car salesman all the way down to "what? I'm fired? Hand me that bottle." He claims that the geeks, on the other hand, hit their low point in high school, when girls won't look at them. From there it's up all the way, from acceptance at an Ivy League school to becoming president of a Fortune 500 company to "yes, Mr. Jock-Who-Cleaned-Me-Out, I will have fries with that." Man, I wish someone had given me this speech when I was in high school. In fact, I think I'll use the lack of said pep talk as my excuse for why I have yet to achieve that Fortune 500 company presidency I so richly deserve. When Sam whines about not knowing how to make it through the rest of high school, A.V. Advisor Guy tells him he must learn to appreciate the "simpler things in life." In this case, he's referring to a 10mm print of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which he has on loan for a week. This causes Neal to exclaim, "A.V. is paradise on earth!" Bill adds, "I'm so happy I could cry." Sam does what he does best: sulks.

Mr. Kowchevski tries to get his class to settle down before their math test. An increasingly distraught Daniel, who looks about fifty-seven in this scene, finally asks the guy in front of him why Dave Fleury isn't in class. Daniel isn't so much concerned about Dave's health as he is panicky about the fact that he was planning to cheat off Dave's paper. After learning that Dave broke his arm in gym class, we see a frantic Daniel loping down the hallway and breaking the glass on a fire alarm, although Mr. Rosso shows up before Daniel can actually pull the alarm.

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