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Discos And Dragons

Lindsay continues walking through the cafeteria, still holding the Grateful Dead album Mr. Rosso gave her. A boy and girl start talking to her about the album, which they call "the greatest album of all time." The girl adds, "I wish I'd never heard it just so I could listen to it again for the first time." Lindsay seems more than a little surprised that anything Mr. Rosso would recommend has the potential to be enjoyable.

Ken and Sara and Nick are also in the cafeteria. Sara is complimenting "Kenny's" vest. Ken is less than thrilled. And he's not exactly ecstatic about the suggestion that he go to Nick's house after school so that Sara and Nick can teach him to dance the Hustle. In fact, his exact words are, "" When Sara gets up to get more milk, Ken says, "I give up, Nick. When does Allan Funt come boogying out?" Nick defends Sara and Ken reminds him that he used to hate disco. Nick replies, "Look, what's the difference between Zeppelin and disco, really?" He cites Foxy's "Hot Number" as an excellent song. Ken looks like he's about to have an aneurysm as he yells, "No, I don't know that song, thank God. But I can guarantee it sucks!" Nick busts on Ken for not being supportive, but Ken insists that Nick is just using Sara to make Lindsay jealous. Nick says, "Screw you, man," and leaves. When Lindsay sits down in Nick's vacated seat and asks Ken what's going on, he begs her to start dating Nick again. Hey, what happened to Sara and the milk she was supposed to be getting? Was she waylaid by someone who needed emergency disco lessons?

In her bedroom, Lindsay puts on the Grateful Dead's American Beauty. "Indifferent" is a fitting word to describe how I've always felt about the Grateful Dead, but I have to say I'm really enjoying "Box of Rain." So is Lindsay, and we see her playing the album over and over again. The more she listens to it, the happier she gets, as she dances around her room.

It must be a letdown to go from the music to having dinner with her family, especially since her parents are totally on her case about the stupid academic summit. When she casually mentions that she might not attend, Dad asks, "Are you wacky?" Lindsay says it sounds dumb, which is exactly what I would have said, too. ["Snif!" -- Wing Chun] Dad suggests that this summit is her key to acceptance into one of the best schools, a claim I find a little hard to believe, but whatever. Lindsay complains a little more, but Dad insists that she will be attending the summit.

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