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Discos And Dragons

Back in the A.V. room the geeks are discussing the merits of various drawings in the new D&D manual. Gordon favours the drawing of Ishtar while Bill likes the Goddess of Vice because "you can see her butt." Harris is psyched about something called the "Dancing Sword." Daniel surprises them all by inquiring about the Dancing Sword. When Sam explains that the sword will fight on its own so that one can battle two opponents at once, Daniel surprises them further by saying, "That's kinda cool." Harris invites him to join them for D&D, and now it's Daniel's turn to be surprised, and a little suspicious. Sam explains that it's fun to fight dragons and eat junk food and joke around. Gordon adds, "And the best part is you get to pretend to be somebody you can't be in real life." That clinches the deal, and Daniel agrees to join them, although he tells them not to expect him to be any good at it. Aw, poor Daniel. I feel bad for him that he's all vulnerable like that, but that won't stop me from commenting that he's looking about a hundred and twelve years old here. He could give Steve Sanders a run for his money. Nah, I'm just kidding Daniel -- and for the record, I've been liking you more and more as this series has progressed.

Ken has dragged Lindsay down to the bowling alley -- er, that is, the discotheque. He's convinced she can talk Nick out of throwing his life away on disco. Lindsay says Nick should be allowed to lead his own life but Ken is adamant. They find Nick and Ken starts saying that Lindsay has something to tell him. Sara looks nervous. This is all cut short, though, by the DJ, who recognizes Ken as his "little opinionated rock and roller friend."

The geeks, plus Daniel, are starting their Dungeons and Dragons game. Daniel seems to think the others are smarter than he is, and he's super-sensitive about it. Harris is the Dungeon Master. The guys tease Harris about being sneaky, and he replies, "Oh, I'm sorry. Perhaps I should let you encounter kittens and grandmas so as not to upset you." Sam tells Daniel to roll the dice to determine the traits his D&D character will possess. Ooh, the suspense is killing me too!

At the discotheque, Joel Hodgson is berating Ken, pointing him out as one of the guys who comes in to yell, "Disco sucks!" He asks, "What's the matter, cat got your bong?" Damn, that almost makes me wish all my friends hadn't quit smoking up just so I could use that line myself. Joel is particularly self-righteous as he shouts to Ken, "Is that how you learned to communicate -- running in here, yelling stuff? Is that what your precious rock teaches you, friend?" Ken replies, "No, man, it teaches me that...disco sucks!" Joel tries to argue that even the Rolling Stones know that disco is here to stay, citing their song "Miss You" as an example. It's easy for us to laugh at delusional people still clinging to a fad well past its prime, since we're looking back at it from a safe distance of twenty years, but this bowling alley/disco is so pathetic that even through a haze of Miller, Ken understands. He says, "This place is empty, man! Disco is dead. Give it up. Why don't you go back to selling shirts at the mall, there, buddy?" Did I mention how much I'm going to miss Ken? A bouncer comes up to escort Ken out of the building as Joel shouts, "Disco is alive -- it's alive, I tell you! I know it, and you know it, and Miss Gloria Gaynor knows it too!" We get to hear a few bars of that karaoke classic, "I Will Survive," while Joel performs a little interpretive dance to it. As Ken is being led away he wants to know, "Where the hell is Daniel when you need him?"

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