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Discos And Dragons

Daniel is busy arguing that he doesn't want to be a dwarf in the D&D game. Sam points out that dwarves are good fighters but Daniel needs some convincing. Daniel turns to Neal and belligerently asks him if he is a dwarf. D'oh, that's not very nice! Neal gets all defensive and says that he is Kragenmore the Destroyer, whatever the hell that means. Finally Daniel agrees to be a dwarf, although he insists that his name be Carlos. Everyone snickers and Bill asks, incredulously, "Carlos the dwarf?" Daniel responds with, "Yeah, you got a problem with that, Gorthon?" Bill looks scared but Daniel smiles and says he was just joking.

At the bowling alley Ken is being led out the door while Nick, in his shiny, shiny shirt, yells that Ken embarrassed him in front of the other disco dancers. Ken shouts back that Nick can call him when he gets over his "Saturday night fever." Nick stomps off. As the bouncer escorts Ken outside he lets him in on a little secret: He thinks the disco sucks too, and management is closing it down next week to bring in something called "foxy boxin'." Aw, poor Joel! I hope he didn't quit his day job selling Parisian Nightsuits.

Nick can't understand why Ken is being such a jerk, and Lindsay tells him his Ken is "confused" because he thinks Nick is trying to get Lindsay back. Nick argues, not very convincingly, that this is not at all true and that he is with Sara now. It takes Lindsay a beat to respond -- just long enough to let us know that she doesn't believe it either. She's putting on a good show, though, telling him she's very happy for him. I imagine Nick still likes Lindsay and is trying to show off a bit in front of her, which makes him slightly less gracious than he could be, but that's okay. He deserves it. Oh, and we learn that he's quit smoking pot. Lindsay starts to leave just as Joel announces that Nick will be leading off the disco dancing contest. Lindsay walks off and Nick stares after her. Sara come up to tell Nick it's time to "boogie-oogie-oogie," and she kisses him on the cheek. He looks at Lindsay once more and then walks intently onto the dance floor while some song called "Groove Line" plays. Sara blows Nick a kiss and gives him the thumbs-up sign. I recently read in Entertainment Weekly -- which is where I like to get all my history facts -- that during the Roman empire, the thumbs-up sign did not have the same positive connotations it does today and actually meant death to the gladiator. I thought that was interesting in light of the massacre that's about to take place. When I was watching this scene originally, the phone rang and I missed Nick's performance. Before I had a chance to view the tape, I spoke to Maggie and to Gwen on the phone, and they both warned me of how painful this scene would be to watch. This scene made me cringe almost as hard as when Nick sang Styx's "Lady" to Lindsay, so I will say this in as few words as possible: Nick is no better at dancing than he is at drumming or singing. I think that tells you everything you need to know.

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