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Girlfriends And Boyfriends

Lindsay's walking through the school hallway in semi-slow motion while the soundtrack plays a bluesy song about some woman who's done her man wrong. Although I tend to favour the grunge look myself (hey, it'll come back in style one day!), I have to say Lindsay looks better without her army jacket. And her hair is looking good -- more styled. She still looks kind of surly, though, until she sees a generic couple engaging in a rigorous bout of PDA against a wall; then she becomes fixated on watching them. I'm wondering just how long they're gonna go on groping each other, but it's unclear what Lindsay's thinking.

Cut to the smoking patio. Nick runs over to Lindsay and tells her she looks beautiful. Then he leads her over to Daniel and Kim, who are, as usual, draped all over each other. Kim stops fondling Daniel long enough to ask if Nick and Lindsay are going out. Nick says he doesn't "kiss and tell." As he's saying this, he starts sliding his hand down Lindsay's back. At first I think he's going to grab her ass, but it's much, much worse. Lindsay's jeans are a little tight, but Nick still manages to slide his hand into her back jean pocket. Bwahaha! Lindsay's looking about as uncomfortable as any sane woman would at the hilarious display of this tacky '70s cliché. The freak with the frizzy blond hair says, "Yeah, Nick! Grab me a piece!" Nick tells him to shut up, and Kim laughs. I do too.

After the commercial, Nick and Lindsay are walking down the school hallway. He's got his arm around her shoulder as he tells her that the professional band he auditioned for a couple of episodes back found themselves a drummer. He says he's glad he bombed his own audition, though, since otherwise he and Lindsay wouldn't have kissed that day. Lindsay laughs and looks around nervously. Aw, come on, Lindsay! I know that jean pocket thing was pretty gross, but Nick's so sweet! He goes to kiss her as she's turning to leave and bumps his nose on her head. They both laugh. He tries again and, after one more false start, manages to plant a kiss on her mouth. As he's leaving, Millie, looking resplendent in an overly cute sweater with lots of little designs on it, runs up to Lindsay. She's all in a tizzy because she saw Lindsay and Nick kissing, and she wants to know if they're going out. Lindsay hems and haws and says, "It's no big deal." Then she points out that Millie has a boyfriend. "Yeah, but Tommy goes to church!" says Millie. "Nick is a freak!" "So what?" asks Lindsay. Millie claims that freaks only go out with freak girls, and that Lindsay is not one. Lindsay asks, "How would you know?" to which Millie dramatically replies, "Because freaks go all the way!" Lindsay turns away in disgust, telling Millie, "You have no idea what you're talking about." Millie brings up the subject of a classmate named Patty Filker, whom she claims is a freak: "And she has a baby. But I guess that's no big deal either." Millie cracks me up. But am I missing something here? I was in high school in the States during the early '80s, and I don't remember condoms being all that hard to find. I'll bet Millie doesn't know what condoms are, though. Heck, she probably doesn't even know what tampons are. In any case, Lindsay tells Millie to mind her own business and stalks off.

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