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I'm With The Band

In the lunchroom, Millie and a boy are decked out in pioneer garb. With really pathetic Southern accents, they try to rustle up some business for the McKinley Drama Club's presentation of Oklahoma! I think it's safe to say that Nick, Lindsay and the rest of the freaks will not be attending. Goofy, sweet Nick tells Lindsay she'd look good in Millie's costume. Lindsay pretends that this is a nice compliment. Nick asks the other freaks if they'll be rehearsing later. He's talking about their "rock band," as Lindsay calls it. Nick wants to call this band "Creation," which cracks me up to no end, but I can see why the others won't go along with it. There's a new guy sitting with them who is apparently part of the "rock band." ["I think the new guy may have been in the kegger episode, but I'm not positive." -- Wing Chun] Nick calls a rehearsal for 3:00. Daniel can't make it because he has to "do something with Kim." Ken says, "Okay, how about 3:01?" Daniel counters with, "Let's make it 3:15. I gotta fit in your mother." Ken takes him seriously. Aw, come on, Ken, we know you're brighter than that!

Cut to the boys' room, where Bill is saying, "You know, to be honest, I don't smell so good." Neal and Sam are wetting their hair in the sink so it will look like they took a shower. Sam says they all "have to stick together." Just then, Biff walks by and inquires, "Are you ladies having a nice time at the beauty parlour?" Neal sputters a bit, trying to come up with an excuse, and Sam says, "Well, we didn't even sweat! Smell this!" He holds out the underarm portion of his sweatshirt toward Biff, who replies, "You know, Weir, I'll put that on my to-do list, all right?" The geeks are saved by the class bell, but Biff warns them that tomorrow they will not get away with avoiding the showers. I'm just amazed and appalled that they have to take phys ed every single day.

In Nick's basement, he and the band are butchering Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love." I mean, you'd really have to work at it to be as bad as this band is. Ken, wearing an understated Van Halen T-shirt, is on lead vocals. The band does have groupies in Kim and Lindsay, who are rocking out on the couch. For Kim, at least, hormones take precedence over music appreciation, as she comments on how "hot" Daniel looks playing his oddly shaped guitar. Daniel says, "I wish I could smash this thing," as he pretends to, uh, smash his guitar. Believe me, Daniel, you'd be doing us all a favour if you smashed it for real. Nick, who's wearing a butt-ugly KISS T-shirt, tells everyone that Lindsay's come up with some names for the band. Ken says, "Yeah, I hope it's something catchy, like 'Mathletes.'" Hey, that's a great name for a band! Daniel vetoes "Mission Control" because "it sounds like something spacey." Nick asks, "What's wrong with that?" Ken replies, "Space blows." Everyone's having fun vetoing Lindsay's second suggestion, "Anarchy's Child," when Nick's Army Dad ["Hey! It's That Guy!" -- Wing Chun] comes downstairs to wreck the mood by saying, "I take it the symphony is over?" Nick apologizes for disturbing Army Dad and says, "It sounded a lot better, though, right?" If Nick's waiting for some approval from his dad, he may want to pick up a needlepoint kit to pass the time. The only thing Army Dad's offering is a very thinly veiled order to come upstairs for a "talk." Nick's all dejected as he says, "Yes, sir." To top it all off, everyone except Lindsay takes off on him. As they're walking up the stairs, Ken says, "This is Mission Control requesting permission to rock out."

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