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I'm With The Band

Sam is fully dressed, trying to slink out of the locker room without showering. It's pretty much a given that Biff catches him. While feeling up Sam's hair, Biff comments on how "fashionable" it is (hee!) and also that it is dry. Sam weasels out of showering by feigning illness. Biff lets him off the hook, but tells him he can "pick up the Academy Award" on the way to the nurse's office. Neal walks by in his "Virginia is for Lovers" towel, and Biff tells him to put on some clothes because he looks "like a fifty-year-old man." It's mean, but kind of true.

Nick's shooting hoops on his driveway when Lindsay strolls up. She asks why he's not practising with the band, and Nick says the other band members are off doing some car stuff. Lindsay says she thinks they should practise more. Word, Lindsay, though I'm not sure there are enough hours in a lifetime to make that band sound good. At first Nick is a little pissed, and I can see his point, because I'm not always crazy about unsolicited advice from friends either. But Lindsay means well, and she manages to convince him that he needs to work harder if he wants to prove himself to Army Dad. She illustrates this advice with a little story about her own Mathletics experience. We learn that she went to the Mathletics Nationals two years in a row! When Nick says Daniel's not really into practising, Lindsay asks him, "Who's the leader of this band, you or Daniel?"

I didn't think it was physically possible, but it seems like rehearsing has made the band even worse. I have to give them props for energy, but I can't even recognize what song they're supposed to be playing. Encouraged by a look from Lindsay, Nick tries to get the guys to treat rehearsing more seriously. He's pretty tentative at first, but soon he's on a roll. Ken is taken aback by the New and Improved Nick, and he asks, "Are you still buying pot from the same guy?" The new, unnamed freak says, "Who, me?" Ah, so that explains what he's doing in this episode. Nobody's taking Nick very seriously, so he drags Lindsay into the mess by saying, "Lindsay, you were right." Daniel and Ken focus their attention on Lindsay, who looks like a deer caught in someone's headlights. Nick goes on about the band some more, and Daniel eventually backs down, but the mood is pretty somber. Daniel starts to play but Nick cuts him off and tells him to "wait for the sticks, all right?" Thank God we have Ken to lighten things up, though. With his usual impeccable comic timing, he says, "Hey, this is really fun, guys. I'm glad we have a band," while giving the "thumbs up" sign. Well, it improves my mood, anyway. I don't know about Lindsay, though, because she's still sitting on the sofa, looking mighty uncomfortable, especially when Kim shoots her a lethal look.

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