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I'm With The Band

Stop the presses! Someone is actually smoking on the smoking patio! They're just extras, though, and it goes by almost too quickly to see. Lindsay walks out there and sees Ken sitting all alone, eating some sunflower seeds. When she asks where everyone is, he answers, "No idea." Lindsay always looks kind of intimidated by Ken, and right now she starts babbling nervously: "Well, that's kind of weird, isn't it?" He gives her a look, and she qualifies it: "I mean that no one is around, not that you don't have any idea where anyone is." Ken just spits out a sunflower shell disdainfully, and Lindsay turns to leave. Ken stops her to say, "Thanks for breaking up the band." Lindsay claims she just thought they "should learn one song." She's right into it as she gears up for her big speech: "God, how could I be so awful to suggest that you actually play an entire song correctly all the way through? God knows, Zeppelin only plays half of 'Stairway to Heaven,' and The Who never practises 'Teenage Wasteland' [sic]." Ken informs Lindsay (and me) that "Teenage Wasteland" is actually called "Baba O'Riley." I feel like a dork because that's the only Who song I can stomach, and now I realize I've always had the name wrong. I'm not sure what Lindsay's feeling, but she sits down at the picnic table, looking kind of pissed at Ken.

Lindsay's still at the picnic table when Daniel comes along. Lindsay starts right in by claiming that she wasn't trying to break up the band; she only wanted to help Nick stay out of the Army. Daniel claims that Nick doesn't need her help and that he'll never make it as a drummer, so Lindsay should let him "have some fun before he has to ship off." Lindsay gives an impassioned speech in Nick's defense, but Daniel walks all over it. I have to admit that he's right, but in this scene I'm too distracted by how much he's already looking like a character from Barfly, as Maggie pointed out last week.

In gym class, Biff is taking attendance. Harris answers him in German. Sam doesn't answer at all. That would be because he's crouched on top of a toilet in the boys' room, trying to remain invisible. Two freaks are by the urinals discussing The Shining. We learn that "Red Rum" is "Murder" spelled backwards. Dude! I'll bet all the non-stoned people didn't pick up on that! Mr. Kowchevski the math teacher comes in and tells them to head off to class. He props himself against the wall with both hands and takes a leak. Sam stares through the slightly open door of the stall, fascinated by Mr. Kowchevski's, um, hands-free technique. As he tries to get a better look, his foot slips, and his sneakers start making squeaky sounds on the toilet seat. Mr. Kowchevski shakes himself off and leans over the stall door, saying, "It would go a little easier if you'd sit down and drop your pants."

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