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I'm With The Band

Nick is investigating a possible career in lawn care by practising on his parents' lawn when Lindsay drops by. He's bummed about the "whole band-breaking-up thing." Lindsay tells him he shouldn't be, since he was "the only professional." She gives him a flyer she picked up at the record store. A band called Dimension is looking for a drummer, and Nick gets all excited about auditioning for them, claiming they're "like the top working band in Detroit." Hope springs eternal, and it's really cute that Lindsay actually believes Nick would get paid by anyone for his drumming. Nick jumps the fence and gives Lindsay a big hug to thank her.

Later, at the Weir dinner table, Sam is exclaiming, "I don't wanna get naked in front of other guys!" Dad outlines his plan: "All right, look, here's what you do. You tell them you're proud of your body. That'll show 'em." He puts just enough spin on it to remind me of why I've loved Joe Flaherty since the days of SCTV. Mom Weir very sweetly says that Sam has "a beautiful body, doesn't he, Harold?" Dad looks royally annoyed for a moment before gamely announcing, "Yes, I just said he had a beautiful body." Oblivious to Sam's major eye-rolling, Mom adds, "Those other boys are probably just jealous. Lindsay, tell your brother what a beautiful body he has." This earns a disgusted stereo chorus of, "Mom!" from both Lindsay and Sam. Dad forces Lindsay to say it, so she does, adding, "You're an Adonis, a slab of beef. If I wasn't [sic] your sister -- oh my God!" Dad tells her to "can it."

Nick and Lindsay walk in to the audition site, where "Dimension" is a band composed of various members of the production team of Freaks and Geeks, including the creator, Paul Feig, on bass. They're just finishing off another audition. Nick looks pretty nervous, which he tries to cover up by telling Lindsay he's "never played on a drum kit this small." When the band calls him up, he swaggers so hard that he looks like he's about to fall over. When he tells them his drum kit has 29 pieces, a band member named Scott says, "Wow, what are you doing here? You should be auditioning us!" Nick goofily replies, "Yeah, right, right?" He sucks up a bit, just for good measure: "I saw you guys open up for Jethro Tull last year at Cobo Hall. You guys blew them away!" Paul Feig says, "You must've been there Friday night, because Saturday night we got booed off the stage." They ask Nick if he wants "to jam" and allow him to "call the tune." Buoyed by his repeated rehearsals of "Sunshine of Your Love," Nick suggests "a little Cream." Scott throws him off balance by saying he hates "Sunshine of Your Love" and wants to play "Crossroads" instead. Lindsay gives Nick the thumbs-up sign, and he expertly twirls a drumstick before counting off the song. They get through about four bars of the song before Scott stops them and suggests they try it "a little bit tighter." Nick looks slightly bewildered as he inquires, "Tighter?" He plays it exactly the same as before, and the band stops again. Scott tries again by saying, "Let's try it just a little bit quicker-paced." Finally Nick understands. "Oh, quicker-paced!" he says, before twirling a drumstick and dropping it. Nick's drumming sucks more than ever, and even Lindsay starts to look nervous at this point. We see a groupie who is Kim's future doppelganger with a perm laughing at Nick. The band stops playing, and the sound guy looks over at Lindsay and shakes her head. Poor Nick stands up to leave. He reaches out to shake Scott's hand but realizes at the last moment that Scott just wants the drumsticks back. Paul Feig says, "Good luck with that 29-piecer, man. Maybe one day you'll knock it up to an even 30." Lindsay looks devastated as we fade to commercial.

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