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I'm With The Band

Nick and Lindsay are leaning against a car, and Nick is feeling pretty sorry for himself. He's entitled, I guess. Lindsay's trying to comfort him, but it's not going very well. Nick tries to explain how he's always imagined himself playing in a band, sitting at his drum kit up on a big hydraulic riser. He starts to panic as he realizes, "I'm not gonna be that guy. I'll be lucky if I get to be the guy who pushes the button that makes the riser go up. But I'm not even gonna be that guy, because that guy needs a C+ average, man." Lindsay offers to help him bring his grades up, but he doesn't even respond because he's too freaked by the idea of having to join the Army: "I'm gonna be surrounded by a group of psychopaths, like my brothers and like my dad." I know I've been making fun of Nick a bit, but it breaks my heart when he says, "Oh my God, I'm done, man. I'm done." Lindsay just plants a kiss on him. Aww! She's pretty good at it, considering this is probably the first time she's ever kissed anyone.

Woohoo, more Cream. Everything's in slo-mo as Sam walks through the locker room to "White Room." We see Alan and his minions twirling their towels in preparation for some more puerile fun, and then we see them whacking Neal and Bill with the towels for a while. It's like something out of a war movie as Bill goes down, still in slow motion. Neal wants to know what's so funny about hitting people with towels. Bill says, "If it wasn't us, it would be kind of funny." Clad in only a towel, Sam says, "Get out of my way. I'm gonna take a shower." He starts swaggering through the locker room but doesn't get far before Alan stops him and says he looks "like a flat-chested girl." Sam decides to follow his father's advice -- no, Sam, don't do it! -- as he declares that he's proud of his body. It comes as no great surprise when Alan and another bully carry Sam through the locker room and throw him out into the school hallway, despite Bill's halfhearted protests. Sam starts calling for Biff while banging on the door, but Biff is busy hitting on a female gym teacher. Alan opens the door to the locker room just enough to grab Sam's towel, leaving him naked in the hallway. Needless to say, Sam panics.

Madness's "One Step Beyond" plays in the background while Sam starts hurrying through the halls, his crotchal area covered with his hands and a digitally superimposed blue circle. Just then the class bell rings and the hallways fill with students. Sam's given up trying to cover himself with his hands, and he's just running scared now. We see Bill leaning out of the locker room with Sam's towel, calling out, "Sam? Alan's gone. It's all clear. You can come back now!" Too little, too late, Bill.

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