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Kim Kelly Is My Friend

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Kim Kelly Is My Friend

Sam is walking down the stairs at school when he runs into Neal. They have an awkward moment then walk off together. Mr. Kowchevski spots Sam and asks for the essay. Sam hands it over and Kowchevski decides to post it on Sam's locker door for everyone to read about his "little mistake." As they approach the locker, they see that "slut" is written in big white letters on the locker next to Sam's. Kowchevski whines that if the students "want to live in trash, then [he] gives up." Karen comes down the hall from the other direction, sees her locker, and then spots Sam. She storms up to him to ask whether he is responsible. Before he can squeak out a response, Kim comes around the corner and claims responsibility. Karen bleats that Daniel "hit on" her first. Kim calls her a slut and announces that she is going to hit on her after school. Karen turns around and bolts through the door. Sam thanks Kim and says, "That was really cool." Kim says, "No problem, geek." Sam grins as Kim saunters off.

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