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Kim Kelly Is My Friend

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Kim Kelly Is My Friend

Lindsay sees Daniel hanging around in the hallway and asks what he's doing. He says he's waiting for Kim, who is screaming into a pay phone a short distance away. Daniel makes a comment about relationships being hard and Lindsay snorts, "Especially if you're going out with her." Realizing what she's said, she quickly apologizes; Daniel says he knows, but that Kim is really okay when you get to know her. Y'know, I've rarely found that to be true in really life. Once I've gotten to know jerks or bitches or snobs, they haven't turned out to be anything but jerks, bitches, and snobs. ["That's been my experience, too, but sometimes I am friends with jerks, bitches, and snobs precisely because we share those qualities." -- Wing Chun] Kim screams into the receiver, "Mother, you've really lost it," then slams down the phone. She joins Lindsay and Daniel and says that her mother is being a "total shrew." The bell rings, and Daniel heads off to class. Lindsay walks away with Kim following behind. Kim says, "How's it going'?" Lindsay very guardedly replies, "Okay." Kim asks her to hang out later on, and Lindsay reluctantly agrees. Lindsay watches Kim walk away and is soon joined by Millie, who says, "I heard about what she does in the yearbook darkroom." Lindsay asks, "'What she does'?" Millie claims that Kim "does it." Lindsay asks what "it" is. Millie elucidates that Kim "fornicates it." Lindsay is skeptical but says, "We all can't be girl scouts, Millie," before walking away.

Bill is waiting in the hall for Sam to come out of a classroom. When Sam emerges, Bill tells him he has to see something, and leads Sam to his locker. On the locker door, in black block letters, are the words "PYGMY GEEK." Sam asks Bill what a pygmy is, and Bill explains that it's an "Australian dwarf." Bill advises Sam to get rid of the graffiti immediately or else he'll be called "pygmy geek" for the next four years. Sam breaks through the crowd around his locker and starts to scribble over Karen's handiwork with his own black marker. Mr. Kowchevski spies him and blah-blahs about ruining school property. Sam tries to explains that he didn't do it, but doesn't get very far since he's holding a marker in his hand. Kowchevski assigns Sam a five-hundred-word essay about "why the property of the school should be respected and why we should respect it." Obviously, Kowchevski teaches math and only math. Sam has to hand in the essay the nest day or be put on "trash detail" for a week. Bill laughs in the background and Kowchevski snipes at him, "Laugh it up!" then gives him a light tap on his shoulder. Bill continues to laugh, so Sam slugs him on the arm.

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