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Kim Kelly Is My Friend

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Kim Kelly Is My Friend

Later -- armed with a knife and fork which she wields like farm implements -- Kim attacks her plate between sobs and asks Dad Weir why "guys are only interested in sex." The Weirs exchange glances around the table as Kim wails. Sam belches twice very loudly; this causes Kim to stop her mewling,look up, and marvel, "Dayum!" Sam clamps a hand over his mouth and bolts from the table. Dad gripes, "A perfectly good piece of veal wasted." Mom chimes in, "I'm telling you, I think he has a parasite." The phone rings and Mom gets up to answer it. Lindsay overhears Mom's side of the conversation and figures out that she's talking to Grace Kelly. Dad tells Kim that she looks familiar and asks whether her family shops at his store. Kim says her mother hates going there "because it's so overpriced." She announces that the same items are much cheaper at Sports Mart, to which Dad replies, "You don't say." Mom asks to see Lindsay in the kitchen and confronts her with the information she got from Kim's mother. Lindsay explains it away by saying that Kim got in an argument with her parents and that her mother is just upset. Mom adds that she's upset, too, and opines that Kim isn't a "very positive influence." Lindsay begs her mother to be understanding because "Kim comes from a broken home; her parents are deranged. Not everybody's family is like ours." Mom concedes the point, and Kim comes in to thank her for the dinner and compliment their house. Kim asks if she can "hang out" there for a while because her house is "a nightmare." Mom graciously tells her to make herself at home.

Mom, Dad, Lindsay, and Kim are seated in front of the big ole console television set, eating ice cream and watching Barney Miller. Kim declares that she hates "cop shows" because "cops are such pigs." She recounts an incident in which brother was set up and beaten by police with their billy clubs. Mom inquires about what her brother was doing. Kim says that he was drunk and just minding his own business. The upshot is that her brother just sleeps on the couch all day, and Kim thinks he's brain damaged because he "never parties anymore." The Weirs digest that little piece of information for a moment, and then the doorbell rings. Lindsay answers the door to find Nick there; he tells her that Daniel is waiting for Kim out in his car. When Kim sees Nick, she groans, and he yells, "Thanks for almost running me over back there!" Kim tells Nick that she never wants to see Daniel again. Nick says that Daniel will just come in if Kim won't go out to see him. Dad suggests that she "talk to the boy, outside." Mom thinks that Kim should just tell him how she feels. Kim rants that she's never going to talk to him again and they can all just "bite [her]." Having said that, she marches out of the living room and down the hall. Dad says, "If she's planning on staying over, she can just forget about it."

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