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Noshing And Moshing

In Mr. "Call Me Jeff" Rosso's office, Jeff is blowing his nose at great length while Neal rolls his eyes. Rosso apologizes and says he picked up a "little bug on the weekend -- long story." Mercifully, he does not share that story with us. I'm still traumatized from the time he described to Lindsay how he picked up VD at a disco cum bowling alley. Neal gives a very insincere apology, but Jeff won't let him go so easily; he says that Neal's falling grades and the fact that he's starting to get into trouble are "warning signs." He offers to help, but says that he can't do so unless Neal talks to him. Thank God he doesn't use the word "rap." Neal's in denial, but Rosso keeps encouraging him until Neal finally allows: "My father is a womanizer. He's cheating on my mother and she has no clue. And I have to decide whether or not to tell her." It looks like Rosso was expecting to hear something a tad less serious than that.

Daniel walks into his bedroom. His mother yells at him to be quiet so that his father can sleep. Daniel puts on a Black Flag LP and listens to "Rise Above" over his headphones. He seems to find it comforting. I can totally understand that.

In the detention hall, Lindsay is getting yelled at for doing her homework. Botwinick tells her that the point of detention is "to think about what you've done." Lindsay regales him with a well-reasoned argument about why that is the most asinine thing she's ever heard. I couldn't agree more. Botwinick is obviously a moron, though, and he gets off on his pathetic little power trip by assigning Lindsay two more detentions. Man, I hate people like that.

Lindsay is ranting to Kim, who looks a little bored, about the mediocrity of the school. Kim usually looks a little bored, though, so it's hard to tell for sure. Maybe she's preoccupied with Daniel. Kim tells Lindsay that she dumped him. Lindsay tries to put a good spin on it and congratulates her. Kim looks slightly less surly after that.

Neal is turning stomachs in the cafeteria by putting on an impromptu show with Morty. His jokes are about as funny as you would expect from a ventriloquist. A bunch of girls are looking over and laughing, but I hardly think they're laughing with Neal. Deadpan, Bill asks Sam, "Do you see another table open?" Neal just can't see that he's embarrassing himself and his friends. Sugar Daddy calls out, "Nice doll. Did it come with a dress?" Neal...I mean, "Morty" calls back, "Nice head. Did it come with a neck?" Sugar Daddy threatens Neal some more, offering to kick his butt, until Kowchevski breaks it up by insulting Sugar Daddy about his weight. What a delightful and sensitive man. McKinley High is just brimming with people like him, it seems. Neal continues with his ventriloquism, much to Kowchevski's disgust.

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