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Noshing And Moshing

Oh God, not another of Neal's terribly unfunny "comedy" routines. Please, make it stop! The only remotely redeeming thing about this one is that Morty's not involved. Apparently, this routine is something Señor Wences used to do, and while I've heard of him, I'm happy to say I've lived thirty-four years without being exposed to any of his "classic" "comedy," and I hope to live at least another thirty-four years in the same state. I'm sure that, in this case, ignorance is bliss. ["It is." -- Wing Chun] Barry tells Neal that the bit is "creeping [him] out." I don't think anyone was saying that back in the early '80s, but I won't argue, since it so accurately describes my feelings toward Neal in this episode. Barry adds, "I don't know what you're trying to accomplish." Neal gathers up his courage to tell Barry about Mr. Schweiber's philandering. It turns out that Barry already knows, and that their dad's current girlfriend is not his first. Neal wants to know why Barry has never shared this knowledge with him or their mother. Barry says he didn't want their parents to get divorce and break up the family.

I guess Daniel is bringing Ken and Nick to the Armpit -- you know, the revoltingly named punk club. Ken, on the prospect of Nick's getting lucky tonight: "All these punk girls hate themselves. It's got to improve your chances." Nick deadpans, "That's really, really funny," waits a beat, and then whacks Ken in the stomach. Just then, Daniel drives up in his ugly, ugly car. His "punker" hair leaves something to be desired. It pretty much looks like he was playing with his hair in the shower and forgot to wash the shampoo out. Ken laughs at him, but Nick tries to a little kinder at first. He gives in to temptation, though, and asks Daniel, "Can I use you to clean out my ear later?" Ken adds, "Edgar Winter called. He says he needs his hair back for a gig tonight." I know that joke was overdone years ago, but it still cracks me up every time. Daniel's not laughing, but that's probably because he's concentrating all his energy in trying to look cool.

Dad Weir is helping Mom with her coat in preparation for the big Schweiber blowout. She yells to Lindsay that they will all be back early. Lindsay comes out in a party dress and says that she changed her mind about attending the party. Mom tells her she looks great. It's true. Lindsay pretends that she changed her mind because she's a part of the Weir family and because Dr. Schweiber is her dentist, too, but I suspect it has a lot more to do with Barry Schweiber than it does with his father.

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