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Noshing And Moshing

Mr. Schweiber is greeting his guests at the door, asking them glib and tactless questions about their dentistry and then not waiting for the answers. He spends a little too long eyeing Mrs. Weir and calls Lindsay a "looker." When he gets to Dad Weir, he puts on his macho bonding voice to ask, "Big Harry, need a drink?" Dad Weir replies with a terse "Yes, I do," and not even a glimmer of friendliness. Big Harry hands over his car keys to Mrs. Weir, saying that there's no way he can listen to Schweiber's awful jokes "without plenty of anesthesia." Barry and Lindsay are extremely pleased to see each other. Their chemistry is totally believable and charming.

At the Armpit, a live band is playing some fairly decent punk. Daniel asks his friends how they like the club. Ken likes the fact that no one carded him, and says he'll be at the bar. Daniel bumps into a guy who takes a swig of beer and spews it out of his mouth again like a geyser before screaming "yeah!" in Daniel's face. Daniel screams right back. I'm not quite sure what to make of social interaction like that, but Daniel seems happy.

Barry and Lindsay are chatting it up alone at the Schweiber party. Barry is telling her how much he hates being asked, "What's your major?" Lindsay says she doesn't know what she will major in, but that she'll probably just be glad to get out of high school. They're interrupted by one of Mr. Schweiber's business partners, who comes over to ask Barry, "Have you chosen a major yet?"

At the Armpit, Ken is annoyed because the bartender ignored him and only "serves people with stupid haircuts." Do sideburns qualify? Because I think you've got that covered pretty well, Ken. Daniel ditches his friends when he sees Jenna. At first she doesn't recognize him. When he claims that his punk outfit is the "real" Daniel, Jenna is shallow enough to seem attracted to him. She leads him out onto the dance floor. Daniel's really trying hard to fit in, and he's not doing too badly at it, even though he gets the bands mixed up.

Mr. Schweiber is just finishing off a lame dentist joke, and Dad Weir fake-laughs ostentatiously. Schweiber trots off to refill Big Harry's drink, at which point Harold exclaims, "A dentist joke!" and fake-laughs even more ostentatiously. It's safe to say he's pretty anesthetized by now.

Barry and Lindsay are discussing conspiracy theories when Barry uses the word farkakte. He explains that it's Yiddish for "lame." He invites Lindsay to take a walk with him.

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