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Noshing And Moshing

Daniel gets accidentally kicked in the head and leaves for the bathroom. He's really on the defensive, and when another guy complains that there are so many poseurs at the club tonight, Daniel tells him he's not one and indicates the lump on his head. The other guy says, "I ain't calling you a poseur, man. Relax." Daniel looks in the mirror and sighs.

Lindsay and Barry discuss drug use; Barry says that marijuana makes him paranoid. I think we already know what it does to Lindsay. She calls it farkakte, and Barry praises her "perfect use of the word." Lindsay goes on to describe her friends as "fun" and "funny," but laments that they don't "inspire or challenge [her]." Barry tells her not to worry, as he extols the virtues of college social life, in which you get the chance to remake your image completely. As an example, he tells of how he made himself over from the guy who got beat up every day to "the handsome, dashing Jew." He tells her that he will give some thought to how she should remake her image. Then he leans in and kisses her.

Back at the party, Neal is watching his parents flirting -- with each other, for a change. He mocks his father to Bill, who is more interested in watching Fantasy Island. Man, that brings back memories. Saturday night use to be the absolute best TV night when I was young and geeky. Battlestar Galactica, The Love Boat, and Fantasy Island, all on one night! I'd kill for a TV night like that now that I'm old and never go out on Saturday nights anymore. Mr. Schweiber proposes a rather nice toast to his wife. Neal rolls his eyes and leaves to go for a walk. You already know he's going to see Lindsay and Barry kissing, right? Because even on a good show, there are rules governing the way these things are handled. Barry and Lindsay stop kissing and greet Neal, but he just apologizes for interrupting and turns to leave. It hasn't exactly been a great week for Neal.

Back inside, Mr. Schweiber tries to coerce Neal into putting on a ventriloquism demonstration. Man, he must be pretty wasted to seek out something like that deliberately. He puts the question to the room and receives what the closed captioning calls "light applause." Well, duh. Mr. Schweiber tells Neal to get his "dummy." Neal gets all pissy as he corrects his dad on the nomenclature.

Daniel ventures out into the club again and sits down next to Jenna. He gets all macho about the bump on his head, calling it "just another battle scar." Whatever, Daniel, you poseur. Because he just hasn't been macho enough today, he decides to get a nose piercing from a woman who is doing them at the club. Nick tries to stop him, but he waves his friend away. The piercing woman briefly numbs his nose with ice and then says that on the count of three, she will push the nose ring through his skin. Sounds hygienic. While the piercing woman is counting to three, Daniel gets distracted by Jenna's calling out to some guy named Billy and kissing him passionately. When Daniel turns his head, the piercing incident turns ugly; Daniel ends up bleeding profusely and looking humiliated. Nick makes it worse by telling him how gross it is, but Ken doesn't even notice because he's far too busy dancing.

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