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Before I begin the recap I will now announce the winners from the Freaks and Geeks contest last fall. There were two winners: Jenni who lives in the Greater Toronto Area (yay for the hometown girl), and Matt in Illinois. Both have been very patient waiting to receive their prizes while I get my act together. Congratulations to Jenni and Matt; thanks to everyone who entered the contest.

The episode opens with Lindsay and Kim standing on the side of the road, attempting to hitchhike. Lindsay thinks that hitchhiking is so cool and says she is reminded of Kerouac. She is enthusiastic at the prospect the drivers might be artists, psychics or escaped felons. A girl can dream, I guess. Kim doesn't recognize Kerouac's name even though Lindsay points out that they have been reading On the Road in their English class for the last two weeks. Kim groans that all they ever do is read in English class. Very astute, Kim. After several cars pass without stopping, Kim instructs Lindsay to stick out her chest to improve their chances of getting a ride. Eventually a car does stop just past them, and they run to get in. Kim hops in the front and asks the male driver to drop them off as close as possible to the corner of Wilson and Elm. From the back seat, Lindsay begins interrogating the driver in an effort to discover into which category he falls. After one too many questions, the driver reveals that he's a customer of her dad's, and that he is going to rat her out. Kim shoots her an ugly look, and I bet that Lindsay is really wishing that this guy had turned out to be an escaped felon.

Lindsay is now sitting at the Weir family's kitchen table, where Dad Weir, in full bombastic flight, is reading her the riot act. Dad tells Lindsay that a hitcher implicitly invites a driver to "lock me in your car, drive me somewhere and murder me." Lindsay protests, but Dad yells over her: "I will not have any daughter of mine hopping into cars like some lady of the night. You could have been picked up by Ted Bundy!" Um, except that I think Ted Bundy was already in jail at that point, but whatever. Lindsay tries to weasel out of trouble by employing the time-honoured gambit that Kim does it all the time. Surprisingly, Dad Weir does not respond with the usual parental riposte, asking if Kim jumped off a cliff would Lindsay do it too? Mom Weir does ask whether Kim's parents allow her to hitchhike. Lindsay admits that she doesn't know and Dad is quick to suppose that Kim doesn't even have parents. Lindsay claims that Mom has spoken to Kim's mom on the phone. Mom and Dad Weir decide that they want to invite Kim's mother over for dinner to get to know her. Lindsay tries to put them off, but she is overruled.

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