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Neal's mother, who is none other than Dr. Toni Pavone, from the other show I recap, Felicity, arrives at the Weir's house to pick up Neal. My worlds are colliding! That Amy Aquino certainly gets around. She's been in Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane, ER, Picket Fences, and Judging Amy, to name but a few shows. She qualifies for Hey, It's That Guy status. Anyway, Mrs. Schweiber blabs to Mom Weir about playing tennis and chauffeuring Neal around, which she claims is a full-time job. When Sam and Neal appear, she greets Neal with, "Hello, baby angel," which makes Sam giggle. Mrs. Dr. Schweiber thanks Mom Weir again for having Neal for dinner and says "ciao" on her way out. Sam mocks her use of "ciao" when they've left.

The freaks are leaving the diner when they run into Amy, the marching band tuba girl, who is dressed in her uniform. She and Lindsay exchange greetings and Ken says, "Nice threads," in his pseudo-bass voice. Amy says, "Nice voice." Ken comes back with, "Hey Sergeant Pepper, where's the rest of the Lonely Hearts Club Band?" Amy quips, "It looks like you ate 'em," to the laughter of the rest of the gang. Kim rubs it in: "Yeah Ken, when are the twins due?" Amy asks Lindsay, "Is this bonehead a friend of yours?" Lindsay's all, "No, he's a pain in my ass." Amy pushes by Ken and says, "Well, see ya later Elvis. Good luck with those muttonchops." Everyone laughs but it is obvious that Ken is smitten. He has discovered the allure of the intelligent and smart-mouthed girl while he fingers his muttonchops. Men who can't resist sassy chicks are okay in my book.

Mom Weir and Sam wander around a department store and come across a microwave oven demo. Mom mentions that Dad doesn't trust anything that cooks so quickly. The salesman ["and the actor playing him also played a character who nearly raped Donna on 90210" -- Wing Chun] points out that if Dad were doing all the cooking he might be a bit more open-minded. Ah, you don't know Dad like Mom, Sam, and we do. Anyway, the demo gets pretty old, pretty quickly for Sam, so he wanders away to check out Atari systems and happens to see Dr. Schweiber in a clinch with a young-ish, blonde woman, giving her an oral examination, so to speak. Dr. S. spots Sam looking at him and he quickly releases the woman and shouts at Sam. Sam explains that he and his mother are there looking at microwaves which prompts the doctor to do a really lame Shatner impression about barbecuing tribbles. Neal's Shatner blows his father's away. The good doctor explains that the woman, Carol, is an old high-school friend of his, and they haven't seen each other for a long time. Carol is probably thinking, 'Hey, less of the old, thanks' since she looks to be about fifteen years younger than he is. Neal's dad pulls Sam aside to ask him not to mention to anyone the he saw him with his "old friend." Sam reluctantly agrees but he knows that this situation stinks like yesterday's cat food. What a dirtbag that dentist is.

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