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Amy is in a music classroom practicing "When the Saints Go Marching In" with some other band members, except the saints aren't exactly marching. They sound more like they're limping. Daniel catches Ken spying on her through the window in the door, and makes him admit that he has a thing for Amy. Ken threatens to kill him if he tells anyone. Daniel claims he's been waiting since the third grade for Ken to like someone. Who knew that Daniel was such a yenta? Anyway, Daniel offers to talk to Lindsay for him to get Lindsay to talk to Amy. That last sentence pretty much defines the whole high-school experience, doesn't it? Ken agrees to the plan and when Daniel leaves, he resumes spying on Amy.

Back in the Schweiber living room, the geeks are playing Asteroids. ["Glark claims that, while Neal was given an Atari 2600, the version of Asteroids depicted was for a 2600 successor." -- Wing Chun] Sam gets up to go to the washroom and Neal reminds him to lift the seat. Bill is about to tell Neal about Sam seeing his father when Sam comes in the room and tries to stop him. Neal demands to know what they're talking about and Bill tells him. Bill tries to hug Neal to show him how his dad was hugging Carol but Neal pushes him away. Neal claims it's impossible that Sam saw his dad because his dad was in surgery. Sam confirms the sighting but Neal just thinks that Sam is jealous that Dr. S. is cooler than Dad Weir. Bill tries to explain but Neal angrily says to him, "You don't even have a dad!" Bill insists that he does have a dad and that he spoke to him "three months ago." Aw, that's rather heart-wrenching. Neal's dad comes through the door and senses the tension. Bill and Sam make their excuses and leave. Dr. S. follows them outside to coax them to stay. Mrs. Dr. Schweiber arrives and asks about ordering in dinner, then goes inside. Dr. S. stands in the driveway.

In study hall, Daniel and Kim are sitting at a table with another guy sitting between them. Kim asks the guy if he "had a boyfriend who humped a slut like Wendy Franklin at the Laser Dome, would [he] want to hang out there?" She persists with her questioning until the guy asks to go to the bathroom. Now why would the guy need to go to the bathroom after the school's cool, tough chick has just leaned over him and talked to him about humping? When the guy is gone, Daniel says that he regrets what he did with Wendy. Kim appears to be softening towards him a tiny bit.

Sam arrives home and gets hell from his mother for being late and not calling home. It turns out that Dr. Schweiber has called to let them know he has a cancellation and he can fit Sam in for his six-month check-up at 7 the next morning. Gee, doesn't that sound like the worst possible way to start your day?

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