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Nail to the Chief

At the movies, Steve Martin is acting in the "he hates these cans!" scene, in The Jerk, that Sam was re-enacting in "Smooching and Mooching." Cut to the audience, where Sam is killing himself laughing (and his laugh is, it must be said, very endearing but also extremely girlish), and Cindy is staring ahead, impassively. After a few moments, Sam glances over at her and, observing her bitter expression, asks, "Isn't this great?" "Yeah, I guess so," she agrees, in much the same tone Sam used to agree with her that poor people don't deserve handouts. He asks her if she wants some popcorn, and Cindy icily replies, "Will popcorn make this movie funnier?" Sam's happy expression crumbles and he asks, "You don't think this movie's funny?" Cindy snottily answers, "No, I think it's stupid. I mean, come on, how old is this guy? He's got grey hair and he's running around like a five-year-old." Cut back to the screen, where Steve Martin is ineptly avoiding gunfire. Sam joylessly watches, looking quite angry. Cindy smiles as lasciviously as a Republican cheerleader can and coos, "Sam." "Yeah?" Sam sneers. Cindy leans over and starts sucking on his neck; Sam looks completely appalled and demands, "Oooow! What are you doing?" Cindy says she's "giving him something," and locks back onto his neck. Sam yelps in pain, some more, and squeals, "What are you giving me?!" Cindy sunnily explains, "I'm giving you a hickey, you goof!" Sam mournfully submits, though it's clear from his expression that Cindy is, quite literally, sucking all the pleasure out of one of his favourite movies.

The Freaks loiter around a couple of cars parked in a field. For some reason, Lindsay is defending Mr. Rosso as being "cool" and "kind of good-looking." Kim bursts out laughing and snorts, "Yeah, if you're attracted to guys who look like Jesus!" Oh, Kim. We hardly knew ye. Amy and Ken roll up and Amy affably asks, "What's up?" "Hey, guys," Daniel greets them, pleasantly enough. Ken starts blinking angrily and snaps, "What's that supposed to mean, Daniel?" Oh, Ken. Don't start. Daniel repeats (sort of), "How's it going, guys?" glancing around with a "what the fuck is up Ken's ass?" look. Amy looks at Ken. Ken gets increasingly annoyed. Daniel twigs and starts apologizing, "Oh, geez, Ken, I didn't mean it like that." Realization washes over Amy's face. Ken storms up to Daniel and punches him in the face. Nick tries to step in and Ken shoves him away as Kim shrieks, "What the hell, Ken?!" Ken backs off, looking at Amy, who yells, "Oh my god!" and takes off. Ken runs after her. Lindsay asks Daniel if he's okay, and he mutters that he's all right. Kim asks him and Nick whether they're going to tell her and Lindsay what that was about, and Daniel, gingerly dabbing at his nose, quietly tells her to forget it. She insists upon an answer, and he yells at her to give it a rest. Geez, it seems like Ken and Daniel have been taking tact lessons from Cindy.

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