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Nail to the Chief

Elsewhere, Sam is wearing a rather smart grey turtleneck and telling Neal and Bill, "My stomach hurts." Bill says that his stomach would hurt, too, if he were "breaking up with the prettiest girl in school." Hey, I thought Bill wanted them to break up! Maybe he's just busting Sam's balls. Neal bitterly says that he's glad Sam's stomach hurts, and that the pain is Sam's body telling him he's making a mistake. Sam repeats Lindsay's wise counsel about pretty girls' not always being cool, but Neal will have none of it: "Okay, Sam? First of all, of course it does. And secondly, you're just scared! I mean, years from now, you'll be sitting in your house, looking at your unattractive kids with your unattractive wife, saying to yourself, 'Man, why did I ever dump that goddess, Cindy Sanders?'" Okay, Neal? First of all, Bill Gates is not cute (or, at least, not to anyone but me), but he managed all right in the attractive wife department. Second, Cindy may well be pretty, but her personality is very unattractive, which is far more significant, and will only grow to be more important to Sam as he grows up, meets more women, and decides what sort of lifelong mate he wishes to have. Third, who marries his ninth-grade girlfriend, anyway? And fourth, Neal, shouldn't you regard Sam's ditching Cindy as your opportunity to swoop in and nab her for yourself? Fifth, whatever, which is pretty much what Sam says as he marches away to dump Cindy. Neal and Bill watch him go. Neal is incredulous, and Bill chooses exactly the right moment to ask him, "Did I ever tell you about the time that I made out with Vicki Appleby?" Neal tells him to shut up. Bill grins. So do I.

Amy sadly walks down the hall. Lindsay calls to her, and Amy immediately turns, silently, and starts walking more quickly in the opposite direction. Lindsay asks her to wait up, which Amy does, with obvious reluctance. Lindsay asks her if she's okay, and Amy says she isn't, and that she can't even believe she came to school today. Lindsay asks what's wrong, and Amy snorts, "Like you don't know, Lindsay." Lindsay says she doesn't, and Amy asks, more gently, "You mean Ken didn't tell you?" Lindsay essentially says that Ken didn't tell her jack, and asks Amy if she wants to talk to Lindsay, but Amy mildly tells her not to worry about it, and books. Lindsay calls after her, and Amy stops on the stairs. Lindsay wishes her good luck with "Hail to the Chief," and Amy smiles and thanks her. Lindsay walks off, and as she goes, we see the back of her t-shirt, on which is printed, "WELCOME GEORGE BUSH."

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