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Nail to the Chief

Ken and Amy recline on a bed in a pink-painted room with delicate white furniture. I'm going to go ahead and assume that it's her room, and she proves me right by asking him why they never hang out at his house. Ken says it's because he hates it there. Amy asks, "Really?" and Ken fondly scoffs, "Yes, 'really.' How come everyone always thinks I'm joking all the time? It's something to do with my voice, isn't it?" Amy laughs quietly and then says, "I mean, your parents seem so nice." Ken considers this, and then allows, "No, they're not bad people. They're good at their jobs. I guess...I guess raising me wasn't one of the things they learned to do in college." Amy asks how, then, he turned out to be "such a great guy." "Am I?" Ken asks, with genuine surprise and pleasure, and continues, "I don't know. I was raised by a nanny. Yeah. Catherine. She was pretty -- she was pretty great. She was the best mommy money could buy." Amy says she didn't know that, and very seriously adds, "I'm glad you told me." Ken sort of verbally shrugs. Amy says, "I think it's important that we tell each other everything, don't you?" Ken agrees. Amy sits up, facing him, and says she wants to tell him something about herself: "It's really important, so you gotta promise me you won't freak out." Ken sits up too, and affably says that he's "pretty hard to freak out." Amy tells him she's serious, and asks him to promise. Ken starts to appreciate that she's about to tell him something big, and offers, "I can try to promise. If you killed someone or something --" "No. You know, forget it," she says. Ken apologizes. Amy visibly screws up her courage and says, "Well...this isn't really that uncommon, but...but, when I was born, I had the potential to be male or female." Ken, not getting it, says, "Yeah, you too?" Amy looks down and continues, "No, I mean -- I mean, I was born with both...with both male and female parts." "Uh huh," says Ken, more or less steadily. Amy concludes: "My parents made a decision with the doctors that I should be a girl. I mean, thank god, because that's who I am. But it's still a really big part of my life. And I thought you should know." Ken, just a little too cheerily, says, "No, this is...good...that you told me...this." Amy smiles wanly and asks if he's freaking out. After a beat, he replies, "No! You know? You're all -- you're all girl now..." "Yeah!" she confirms enthusiastically. Ken stammers, "Yeah, so [he taps her gingerly on the knee and quickly withdraws his hand], you know, it's okay, you know? It's, uh, you know...if I was datin' you when you were just born, things, uh, might be a little different." Amy chuckles a little, with relief, and Ken concludes, "But, nah, you're all girl now, so, it's...okay." Quietly, she says, "Thanks, Ken." He says, "Yeah! You know. I had my appendix out? So, you know, I've been there." Amy lets out a delighted peal of laughter. I love Amy. Did I mention that?

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