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Nail to the Chief

Amy and Ken walk through the hall. Her arms are tightly wrapped around her books, and Ken's hands are clenched at his sides; in short, they share none of the casual physical affection we saw in the scene under the stairs. Struggling to make conversation, Ken comes up with, "Wow, it's sixth period already." "Yep," Amy says, disappointed in him. Ken asks her whether she had a good lunch. She says the cafeteria food looked gross, so she had an apple. Ken informs her that "it was actually pretty good, if you like Salisbury steak." Riveting! Amy smiles sadly. The bell rings. She says she has to get to Math; he has Chemistry. They lean toward each other but instead of a cute peck, like the one they exchanged earlier, Ken slowly puts his arms around her and hugs her awkwardly, as if she'd just received some bad news and he didn't know any other way to comfort her. She goes up the stairs, and Ken calls after her, "Give you a call," then rolls his eyes at his own ineffectuality.

Lindsay and Kim sit adjacent to a doorway, under a plaque. Lindsay asks Kim what she should ask Bush. Kim declares that Lindsay should ask him something really tough and put him on the spot: "What would he not want to talk about?" Please, someone raise the subject of his idiot sons. Lindsay replies, "They say that Reagan had Iran delay the release of the hostages until after he was elected." Kim insists that Lindsay ask Bush about that. Lindsay adds that she wants to talk about trickle-down economics, but Kim says that's boring, snatches Lindsay's notebook away from her, and says, "I want to ask him about the aliens at Roswell," which is funny because in real life, Busy Philipps is dating Brendan Fehr, who stars on Roswell. Lindsay grabs her book back, laughing.

Cindy enters the Bio classroom, where Sam is already sitting. He distractedly asks, "How's it going?" and she perks that she thinks she's going to get a B in Math. Sam plainly doesn't care, and mumbles the question to which he'd been leading: "Cindy, I was kinda thinking that maybe you'd like to go out on a date with me -- like, a real date? You know?" Cindy fondly giggles, "Sam, you're so sweet! Of course I'll go out on a date with you." Sam says, "Yeah?" with some disbelief. Cindy suggests, "All the football players are going to these batting cages, like this Goofy Golf-type place, and then afterwards they're going to go swim in this lake. Doesn't that sound like fun?" Uh. No. Dismayed, Sam explains, "Well, actually, I was thinking that maybe I could plan the date. I'd take you out. It'd be my surprise. It'd be on me. You know?" Cindy says she gets it: "You want to take your girlfriend on a date, like a real gentleman." I think if Cindy really tried her hardest, she could be more condescending. But she might rupture something. Sam half-smiles. Cindy says, "You know what? I think that's really romantic." Sam scoffs. Run away!

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