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Nail to the Chief

Ken and Amy sit silently outside the school at a picnic table, watching soccer practice. Finally, Amy breaks the deadlock: "I can't take this anymore. Why are you acting like this?" "Acting like what?" Ken asks. Amy points out that he can't even look at her. Deliberately (and reluctantly), Ken turns his head toward Amy and growls, "I'm looking at you." Accusingly, Amy asks, "What are you thinking about what I told you?" Ken says, "Nothing. You told me, and I'm fine with it." Amy leaps to her feet in front of Ken, forcing him to look at her, and snaps, "You're not fine with it! You're acting completely weird!" Ken protests, "Well, I don't think I am! How am I supposed to act after you tell me something like that?" Amy admits, "I don't know. But you're not reacting at all." Ken says he doesn't know what to say: "There's nothing I can do! I can't change it!" Amy calls him a jerk. Ken begs, "Amy, tell me what to say, because clearly you have something in mind." She asks him if he still likes her, and, a bit too emphatically, he replies, "Yeah! Of course I like you, still." Amy asks, further, if he "can live with this." Ken says, "Live with what? It's over. You know? Move on." Amy blinks slowly and tells him, "You don't understand. It's not that easy. No matter what the doctors did, there's always going to be some part of me that's..." "A guy?" Ken finishes for her. Amy flinches and tells him to forget it. Ken looks very confused.

In a primitive computer lab, Gordon declaims, in a poncy British accent, "If it were me, I'd take her to a Broadway show." Sam sneers, "Broadway? We're in Michigan." "Dinner theatre?" Gordon offers. Bill says that The Jerk is playing at the discount theatre. Neal opines that that option isn't very romantic, but Harris argues, "Laughter is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Get a woman laughing, and you've got a woman loving." If that's true, I'm on fire, over here. Neal tells Sam to get Cindy a really good present. Bill says that Sam should make her something, "like out of papier maché." Like what -- a piñata? Gordon enthusiastically agrees on the grounds that "it's from the heart." Sam asks Harris what sorts of gifts he usually gets Judith. Harris, in his usual clipped deadpan, replies, "Judith has very particular tastes. About the only thing she ever wants is scented oils and plenty of time with her man." The last bit is delivered with a slightly lascivious smirk, and the rest of the assembled Geeks all groan loudly, in protest against the flagrant TMI. Bill shudders elaborately, and I laugh myself into a frenzy of -- according to Harris's theory -- burning desire.

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