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We've Got Spirit

Nick and Lindsay are lounging around in what looks like Nick's parents' basement. How Lindsay could go back there after the Styx "Lady" debacle from last episode is beyond me. I'd probably be shaking uncontrollably from the memory if I were her. Anyway. Kansas's "Dust in the Wind" is playing on the turntable, or possibly the 8-track. Nick just doesn't seem like a cassette tape kind of guy. He asks, "Do you ever think about heavy stuff?" You mean like radioactive isotopes? No, like "death, the meaning of life." Oh, that heavy stuff. Lindsay says, "When my grandmother died, I was pretty depressed." She starts to say something else, but Nick cuts her off with a not-at-all-confusing, "Yeah, yeah, no, yeah!" adding, "I knew you were just like me." Poor Lindsay seems a trifle taken aback by that assertion. Nick continues with a really drawled-out, "I can't even talk to those other guys. Ken and Daniel, they're jokers. They don't think about the meaning of life. They don't think about..." At this point, he loses his concentration briefly. It's okay, though -- his brain starts working again, sort of, and he continues in this same vein, ending with, "They don't think about the point of it all." This conclusion is important enough that Nick has to slur it twice. Lindsay looks at him and asks, "Are you stoned?" Nick laughs and says, "A little bit." Could his definition of "a little bit" be impaired right now? Lindsay, looking kind of disgusted, declines his invitation to smoke up. Nick doesn't notice her attitude, and he rambles on with, "Oh, okay, oh, hey, you know what I'm thinking about?" Obviously Lindsay doesn't know, or care, because she turns her head away as he asks this. Nick still hasn't got a clue; he just wants to know, "Where is John Bonham right now?" This gets Lindsay's attention, though she's a bit bewildered, as she says, "John Bonham? I thought he was dead!" Nick's not too baked to realize that fact; he's just trying to get at something more, uh, deep, I guess: "Like, is he in the ground rotting away somewhere? Or maybe he's up in heaven, partying with Jimi and Janis?" Lindsay's completely lost interest by now. She's leafing through a photo album, and she cuts off Nick's philosophizing to point out a photo of a younger Nick with a basketball. "Look at you. You were so cute!" she says. Nick says the photo was taken the year he won MVP. Lindsay asks, "Well, who's this?" She's pointing to a picture of Nick next to a girl whose head has been sliced out of the photograph. Uh-oh, I think Nick's getting paranoid now. He says it's Heidi Henderson, someone he used to date. Lindsay touches the spot where Heidi's head should be, just before we cut to the opening credits.

Ken is watching two cheerleaders put up a banner that says, "Assassinate Lincoln." Haw! Okay, not. Ken asks who Lincoln is. The head cheerleader uses that classic teenage girl condescending tone that makes her answer sound like a question: "Our rivals?" The other cheerleader is more the bubbly sort. She says, "We made Regionals. Isn't that cool?" "In what?" asks Nick. "In basketball?" condescends Heather Number One. Then she loses it on the bubbly cheerleader and starts yelling at her so we will all know that not only is she condescending; she's a major bitch to boot. Ken walks away with an understated, "God." He ambles over to Daniel and Kim, who are, amazingly, not all over each other. Ken injects some fake cheer into his voice to ask, "Hey, did you hear about the basketball game? Pretty exciting!" Daniel looks seriously disgusted as he says, "These jocks think they're such bad-asses, walking around like they cured cancer." He calls them monkeys and proceeds to make monkey sounds. Hey, he's pretty good at that! Lindsay walks up, and Daniel asks, "Where's loverboy?" Lindsay says she doesn't know where Nick is. Ken comments, "I thought you two were joined at the tongue or something." No, Ken, you're thinking of Kim and Daniel. Lindsay wants to talk to Kim privately. Ken asks, "Are you pregnant?" Kim whacks him on the arm and says, "Hey, don't be such a pig!"

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