Subject: Desert Squid! Myth Or Legend?

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Creepy Crawlers

While chasing the vehicle (and Derek clearly thinks that Elsing is the driver), the little dog from the diner runs out in the road. Derek tries to avoid the dog, but there is a big splattering of gunk on the windshield. Derek stops and gets out to inspect what happened. There is a quivering tentacle laying in the road. It's pretty gross. ["I'll bet that's not something you ever have occasion to write in your Gideon's Crossing recaps, Kim. Or, hardly ever." -- Wing Chun]

We're back at Freakylinks HQ. Lan is still working on the video, but it's not ready yet. Lan reviews that Derek thought he saw Elsing in the bathroom, but he didn't tell Jason and Chloe, and that the dog sitting in the chair is the dog he didn't hit on the road. Got that? Jason tries to think up a better name for the Desert Squid, like "Octopussy" or "Octocabra." Lan ignores Jason (as do the viewers) and gets Derek back to telling the story.

Derek, Jason, and Chloe check into a motel. Derek is carrying a box containing the tentacle they found in the road. It keeps bumping around, arousing the suspicion of the motel manager, who won't allow pets in the rooms. They tell him it's some fish they caught. The manager also doesn't allow cooking in the rooms. They tell him they're going to eat it raw (sushi!), grab the room key, and split, but not before agreeing to buy a souvenir Desert Squid t-shirt.

Once in their room, Derek applies menthol to his upper lip, because apparently the tentacle smells bad. Chloe makes a fart joke. There's always room for fart jokes, right? Derek opens the box to show the tentacle to the camera. Chloe offers some explanations as to how it could all still be a hoax. Derek sees the black Suburban outside their room, so he turns out the lights so the occupants of the Suburban can't see inside. In the background, we see the tentacle climb out of the box. When they realize that the tentacle is on the loose, Chloe and Jason jump up on the bed like girls (well, I guess Chloe is a girl. The jury's still out on Jason) while Derek looks for it. Some men in black get out of the Suburban and pull out a lock pick to attempt to get into the motel room. The gang hears the doorknob rattling, but just then, the tentacle wraps around Chloe's leg. There's a funny scene of Chloe hopping across the room with the tentacle on her leg, because after wrapping around her calf, there is only about two inches sticking out. It's not like it's attached to anything. Derek finally pulls it off, and the tentacle flies across the room and sticks to the door like a Creepy Crawler. Another car pulls up outside, and shotgun blasts are heard, which scare away the men in black. The door is kicked in, and Falcon is standing there with a shotgun. He tells the gang, "If you want to live, come with me." They do, so they do. He is the owner of the RV. As they drive away, we see the guy from the black Suburban.

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