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The episode opens with a clip of a stereotypical blondie-blonde television reporter flubbing her line, and then saying repeatedly, "I'm Julie Marish." Okay, we got the name! The camera pulls back to reveal that Derek is watching this clip on his monitor as he talks on the phone with Chloe. Remember last week when Chloe said she was going to a conference in New York City? What? You didn't watch last week? Yeah, neither did the rest of the country. Anyway, Chloe's at a conference in New York City, and Derek is trying to convince her to help him out with a story while she is there. Chloe wants "to be a grownup this week" and she has to give a speech at the conference, so she's doesn't want to help. Derek tries to convince Chloe to "ask [the reporter] a few questions about what she saw." There's a bit where Chloe is checking out her expensive room service order while Derek peers into his nearly empty refrigerator. There's a slice of pizza just sitting naked in the refrigerator, like, invest in some aluminum foil, dude!

Derek finally takes no for an answer and hangs up the phone, just as Jason and Lan arrive with a pizza. Derek is psyched that they got anchovies, and says, "Everything is right with the world." Beat. The lights go out. Turns out Derek spent the money for the electric bill on "something else." Maybe on the Mac G4 Cube sitting on the desk there? Those aren't cheap. Anyway, Jason asks why the computer is still running, and Lan says it's running on backup power. Well, and also because otherwise, the next part of the scene wouldn't work. God, no wonder they can't afford the electricity bill! Really, it's all just an excuse to product-place the G4, and to have the three kids lit only by the eerie blue monitor light. Jason asks about the video clip Derek was watching, and Derek says it's their "next freakylink." He plays the clip to reveal Julie Marish doing her closing, and in the background some guy falls into a huge hole and starts yelling. Julie and the cameraman run over as the guy is disappearing under a grate. Meanwhile, they just stand there and watch, like couldn't they try to pry up the grate or something? Derek stops the clip, and Lan asks what happened. Isn't that the point of this whole episode? To find that out? Derek agrees with me and asks if anyone is up for a road trip. Meanwhile, he's holding a slice of the pizza, and there are no anchovies on it, anywhere. Like, if you're going to make it a point in the scene, at least follow up, people. Does this show even have a continuity editor?

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