Subject: Edith Keeler Must Die

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Chloe gives her presentation as Lan rolls her eyes and looks at her watch. When no one has any questions, Chloe and Lan run out the door. They arrive at the grate opening to find Jason and Derek gone. Chloe hears Derek's voice via the radio sitting on the ground. Okay, how did he hear them, and why weren't they using these things earlier? Oh my God, they've got headsets! Where have these been all along? Derek reveals that "they've got Jason and Jason's got the map." Lan pulls out her map, but Derek keeps getting feedback. Is it a good idea to have so much electrical equipment on your person when you're walking through water, with water dripping from overhead? Chloe tells Derek to go left, and he does. We hear Jason screaming, and see him being dragged along the ground.

Derek comes to another fork. Chloe and Lan spread the map out to get a good look at it, and Chloe says there might be a shortcut, but then a biker comes along and rips it apart. Derek tries to find Jason via the sound of his voice. Derek tells himself he needs a shortcut, and he conveniently comes upon a manhole or something. He lifts it up and tells the girls he's going further down and doesn't know if the radios will take it. Derek drops down and finds a room, containing a bloodied Jason, who is still alive and able to get up. Jason videotapes a bunch of the creatures gathering, and Derek guesses that it "must be feeding time." Um, wouldn't that mean that you're dinner? Derek tells him to run, but Jason stays behind for some reason. The creatures advance on Jason, and Derek turns up the volume on his headset so that massive feedback comes squealing out, crippling the creatures. Hee! One of the creatures is wearing Bink's jacket. Derek and Jason haul tail on out of there. The creature wearing Bink's jacket is chasing them. Jason gets up and out of the sewer safely. As Derek is climbing out, the creature grabs his foot, but Derek kicks out and climbs to safety as well. Derek rewinds the tape and reveals that he did get footage of the creature. The gang, including Chloe, all celebrate.

Derek is sitting on the sidewalk, finishing up a message for the website. He concludes, "And we're posted." What, no FTP? He just says it into his computer, outside, and it's posted. I gotta get me some of that technology. Wayne takes a look at the video and asks for a copy, which Derek hands him. Jason pulls up in his truck, and Lan says that getting it out "cost her a mint." Derek says he'll pay her back, and she tells him to "just pay the electric bill and [they]'ll call it even."

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