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Derek shows Chloe the video clip of the guy falling down the sewer drain. Jason and Lan dump their bags on the floor of Chloe's palatial suite, as she tells them they can't stay there. Derek thinks they have "documented proof that one of the most famous urban legends isn't a legend." Chloe guesses that he means "alligators in the sewers," but she still doesn't want them to stay in her room. Derek says it'll just be a base of operations until they get what they came for, and she won't even know they are there. Hmm, do you think they might get in the way a little bit?

Cut to a shot of the Statue of Liberty, just in case you weren't sure what city they are in after all. The camera pans over a sleeping Lan, a sleeping Jason, a sleeping Derek, and then a wide-awake Chloe sitting on her bed. I don't know why she couldn't be sleeping. That scene would have been funnier if they were all, like, jumping on the bed and playing loud music.

The alarm clock goes off at 7 AM, and Chloe finds a note from Derek telling her to watch the morning news at 8 AM. There's no mention of a channel, like there's only one morning news show. Cut to Julie, the reporter from the clip, doing the weather. What the hell kind of news station is this where the same person does hard news stories from the street AND the weather report? Anyway, she's in front of a live crowd a la The Today Show, many of whom are holding signs. Julie walks over to talk to some of the people in the crowd. Someone yells, "Hey, Julie!" Jason, Lan, and Derek hold up signs that, when read together, say, "What happened to the man in the sewer" with no question mark. Julie, ever the news professional, reads them out loud. Like, what seasoned reporter who has worked her way up to the New York City market would read that out loud? Please. She would just ignore it and throw it back to the studio immediately. Chloe, watching in her hotel room, says, "Oh, God." Wow, I'm so glad that they included that informative reaction shot.

Derek, Lan, and Jason are talking to Julie in a diner. She gripes about being the "weather chick" in a major market, except that in Derek's clip, she was clearly doing a news story. Whatever. Derek asks about the clip, and why she never aired it. Like it's her decision. Julie says that it happened very quickly, and her news director thought she "faked it to get noticed." Shouldn't she have gone to the police? At the very least, someone might be missing that guy. Julie says that she still thinks about it every time she steps over a sewer grate. She gives Derek the address where the accident happened, and says that she did give a copy of the tape to the police. Julie talks about how New York is such a hard city, so uncaring, blah blah blah noir-cakes.

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