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Montage of people being interviewed about the existence of alligators in the sewers. Some believe it, some don't. One guy is wearing a sweatshirt that says, "Edith Keeler Must Die," and since that's the title of the episode, I thought that might be important later. Apparently, it's a Star Trek reference, but not being a Trek fan, I can't give you much more than that. If you're really interested, I think that there might be one or two websites out there devoted to the show. The guy wearing the sweatshirt claims that the only thing living in the sewers are "mole people," the mental patients that were tossed out of institutions in the 1980s.

Lan, Jason, and Derek watch a cheesy movie about alligators in the sewers and eat junk food. Chloe comes in and asks if they should be doing research. They are all giggling. Are they high? Nothing they're saying is that funny. Maybe they're on a sugar high. Look for telltale signs of empty plastic Pixy Stick tubes, particularly the Jumbo-sized ones. Chloe goes off to take a shower, and Jason cracks that she must have a hot date.

Cut to Chloe in the bathroom, videotaping herself in the mirror. She says she's going to show us something "truly scary," and shows Derek and Jason goofing around, and Lan looking on. Chloe points the camera back at the mirror, and Derek yells out, "Chloe, I gotta pee!" Chloe sighs and the scene ends. What was the point of that scene? To show us that Chloe knows how to use the camera? We already know that she's trying to be a grown-up this weekend. Dumb.

Lan, Jason, and Derek lift up a sewer grate. Lan thinks that she should be allowed to go down into the sewer with the boys, but Derek doesn't think she should because she's "a girl." Derek finally gives his assent as he's standing halfway in the sewer. Derek hears something, and the others listen close. Then he pretends that something is dragging him down into the sewer as Lan and Jason freak out. They didn't think his little joke was funny. You know what would have been cool? If the minute that they all relaxed, something really did drag him down. That's how horror movies work. They freak you out, and then just when you realize that everything is okay, and let your guard down, they hit you with the really bad thing.

Wayne and Chloe walk down the street. Wayne talks about some cop that he had to talk down from a building. Wayne totally has a mullet, by the way. Like he wasn't cheesy enough to start out with, it's topped off with a mullet. Wayne asks how Chloe is doing these days, obviously trying to find out if she's seeing anyone. She says she's not, and he is "glad to hear it," and hopes that "the fortress isn't too impenetrable." Ew! This guy sucks! Chloe says that there are "some barbarians at the gate." Why is she hanging out with this guy? Wayne does a "my heart is breaking" gesture, that Chloe might go out with someone else, and she laughs. Oh, God.

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