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Chloe talks to Eli in a room that looks like a kitchen, except there is like a spotlight over the table. But there are tons of cabinets on the walls. Chloe asks him questions about the tunnels, and he tries to hit on her. After some more banter, Chloe asks about Bink, and if Eli is going to miss him. Eli's all, "Why would I?" Chloe explains that Bink is dead, and asks if Eli can tell her what it was. Eli angrily moves his chair. Eli is really annoying. Thankfully, we don't see Eli again.

Cut to Freakylinks gang plus Chloe doing research at the library. Chloe explains about a "pneumatic train" that was built by the city in the 1870s, and then suddenly shut down without explanation. They look at an article about attacks occurring in tunnel fourteen. Chloe continues to explain about a movement called "The Hollow Earthers," and Jason uncovers a book about it. What is this, Buffy the Vampire Slayer with the library and the research? Chloe reads that the leader of the movement believed that there were underground dwellers with "tough, white skin" and extraordinary hearing, which pretty much describes the thing that the kids saw in the tunnel. Chloe also reads that these beings were "ferocious" and "cannibalistic." Turns out the leader of the movement is the one who built the station, which is why he knows so much about it. Some creature attacked the leader, and there are drawings of the creature in the book that match what the kids saw. The city shut down the station and sealed it off. Lan points out that it's probably still there.

Research montage. Chloe finds some maps. Derek thanks her -- not for the maps, but for the help in general, you know? Lan is telling Chloe about how Derek's power got shut off. Lan says that Derek "makes it up as he goes." Chloe agrees, but clearly she thinks it's a negative thing. Lan says defensively, "I think it's a gift," and goes on to sing Derek's praises. Chloe raises an eyebrow at her. Lan says it's "not like that," and continues to protest, but obviously she wants him.

They gather up their research and prepare to go to tunnel fourteen. Chloe remembers that she has a paper to present in fifteen minutes. Derek tells her to go do that and meet them later, and Lan offers to go with Chloe, as long as the boys don't "go under until [the girls] get there."

Jason and Derek pry off a grate and get ready. Derek shows that he has an air horn, because the creatures have sensitive hearing. Jason starts to climb down the ladder, and tells Derek there's something down there. Derek thinks he's joking and suddenly Jason disappears. Derek grabs the camera and follows.

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