Subject: Me And My Shadow

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The X-Files Rip-off

Derek is shooting a video of some oil stains in a guy's driveway. Except the oil stains are in the shape of Jesus and his apostles. They really do look like the holy men -- so much so that there's no way they just appeared. The guy points out various apostles, and Derek feigns interest. The guy claims that his car never leaked oil until now, and this is what happened -- "mysterious ways." Hey, don't mention competing television shows! The guy offers to turn on his car to show them how it happens, but Derek and Jason think it's time for them to go.

Derek and Jason sit on a curb and watch the video of the little kid that Chloe was watching earlier. Derek fills Jason in on what happened -- all those people died, and no one knows how, and the kid just keeps getting worse and no one can help him. Jason asks how Derek got the video, and Derek says that Lan "ripped it off" one of the doctor's computers or something. Jason comments that Chloe will kill Derek if she finds out. On the screen, the kid yells, "Quick! It's hungry!" Jason wonders what he's talking about. Derek replies that no one knows. I wonder what kind of batteries that laptop has that they can sit there and watch that video for hours on end.

Chloe walks up to a big house as a dog barks at her. I wouldn't mention the dog, except that it barks at her a lot and so I'm assuming it's going to mean something later on. A woman greets Chloe at the door -- it's Dr. Gibson, who is treating the little kid. Chloe isn't sure how she can help. Dr. Gibson claims at first that she needs "fresh eyes," but Chloe says the doctor is an expert on "post-traumatic stress." The doctor admits that she's looking for a "less regimented perspective -- something more folkloric, more mythologically based." Mythologically? Is that even a word? Sam's mom comes down the stairs. Dr. Gibson introduces her (Jennifer) to Chloe. Jennifer says that Sam still won't eat, and asks Chloe if she knows what's going on. Chloe says she read the files and saw the news report, and mentions that it must have been awful for them to go through. Jennifer thinks the people who died had it worse. Chloe makes a face like, "Point taken." Then there's a crash from upstairs and all three women race up there. Sam has shut and blocked the door to his room. Jennifer pushes her way in, and finds Sam in the lotus position on the floor, his eyes closed, rocking back and forth and murmuring, "It's hungry. It's hungry." Jennifer looks back at Chloe, who is standing in the doorway, and gives her a look like, "You're the expert! Do something." Chloe does nothing.

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