Subject: Me And My Shadow

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The X-Files Rip-off

Chloe stands outside Sam's house, dictating her thoughts into her tape recorder. She disagrees with Dr. Gibson about Sam's problems having a physical cause. Just then, Sam runs out of his house and around to the back. Chloe follows. Sam squeezes through a loose slat of the fence, and Chloe is unable to follow him. Sam stands facing the doghouse. The dog, Lady, comes out and barks at him. Sam's shadow stretches out before him, and then those weird tendrilly things start growing out of it. Sam yells at the dog to run away. The dog runs into her doghouse (I'm assuming the name Lady means it's a female) and the tendrils follow. The light on the front of the doghouse goes out and the dog whimpers, and then runs out. The tendrils retract back into Sam's shadow. Chloe runs up and asks Sam if he's okay, but Sam runs away. Chloe sighs. She's still got that weird white-area-around-the-eyebrow thing going on from last week.

The next day, Sam is playing with his skateboard on the porch. Jennifer makes sure he's okay, and then tells him that she'll be inside with the door open if he needs her. Jennifer walks inside where Chloe is sleeping on the couch. Chloe wakes up, and Jennifer brings her coffee. Jennifer mentions that Sam is outside, which Chloe thinks is "a step," but Jennifer says he won't leave the shade, even though he couldn't have enough lights on the night before. Jennifer asks Chloe about the tests Dr. Gibson wants to do, and Chloe reassures her. Chloe asks about the dog, and Jennifer says that it still hasn't come back, and she wonders what Sam did to the dog. Chloe doesn't know.

Sam plays with his skateboard in the driveway. It gets away from him, and rolls out into the sunlight, towards the street. Derek walks up and stops it. Derek introduces himself as a friend of Chloe's. Sam wonders if he's another doctor. Derek's all, "Do I look like a doctor?" They both agree that doctors suck, although Derek thinks that "Chloe's all right." Derek asks to do a few tricks on the skateboard, and Sam lets him. Then Derek tells Sam what he does when he's scared -- first he runs around screaming, which he demonstrates. Dude, the kid's frightened enough -- you're making it worse. Derek says after he's done running around, he talks about it with someone, sometimes on the web. Sam says, "My mom doesn't let me go on the web, because of the scary child molesters." Well, he didn't say that but I bet he was thinking it. Sam says that "it" won't allow him to talk about it. Derek makes to ask him about it, but Jennifer shows up and is all, "Who are you?" Chloe shows up a moment later, and suggests that Sam and Jennifer go inside. She yells at Derek for finding her and trying to get involved, because it's against her "professional code of ethics" and she could lose her license. She tells Derek that it's not something for the web site, but Derek says that's not why he's there. Chloe ain't buying what he's selling so she tells him to "stay out of it," and goes back in the house.

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