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The X-Files Rip-off

Jason walks into Freakylinks HQ, where Lan is on the phone with Derek. Lan asks Derek whether he found Chloe, but he presses her to tell him what she found out about the foreign phrase the gunman yelled before killing himself. Lan says she thinks it's Tagalog, but she's still working on an interpretation. But she did hack into the county coroner's office and got the autopsy report on the victims of the Full Moon Massacre. Turns out that none of them had any wounds, and the coroner ruled out pharmacological substances and nerve gas. Derek asks about the gunman, and Lan tells him that his name was Torres, he didn't have a criminal record, and he was an import/export guy who specialized in "knickknacks" from the islands. Which islands? I'm guessing the Philippines, based on the Tagalog reference earlier. Lan also found out that the warehouse for Torres' business is only two blocks from where the massacre took place. Derek and Jason plan to go check out the warehouse. Derek hangs up the phone and pulls away from the curb.

Just as Dr. Gibson pulls into his spot. Dr. Gibson runs into the house and starts scolding Chloe about her "extracurricular activities," and says that Sam doesn't need to become "a web page" on Freakylinks. Chloe apologizes, but protests that she didn't bring Derek into it -- he found out on his own. Dr. Gibson thinks that Chloe should leave. Jennifer apologizes, but Dr. Gibson says that she was right to be concerned, and again tells Chloe to leave. Chloe hightails it out of there. Sam watches sadly from upstairs.

Jason and Derek pull up to the warehouse, discussing how Chloe is going to kill Derek. They reach the door of the warehouse, where the lock has been removed. Derek still wants to go in. Jason-cam films Derek walking around the dark warehouse with a flashlight. They hear voices coming from nearby. There's a closed door with light shining from beneath it. They sneak up to it, but then Jason calls out, "Hello?" Why did they bother sneaking if he was going to call out like that? They go into the room, where a tape is playing on the television. As they look around, someone jumps them from behind, brandishing a crowbar. Jason slams the guy to the ground with his hand on the attacker's throat. Derek and I are impressed. The guy explains that he used to work there, and he was helping himself to a few things. Derek introduces himself, proffering his business card. The guy's being choked -- I don't think he wants your card. Well, he probably wouldn't want it even if he weren't being choked.

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