Subject: Me And My Shadow

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The X-Files Rip-off

Lan and Jason are shooting the shit at Freakylinks HQ when Derek and Chloe rush in. Derek asks if Chloe got a translation on Torres' last words, and Chloe says it translates as, "It is hungry." Cut to the tape of Sam saying the same thing in the interrogation room, in case you missed the first fifteen minutes of the episode. They all wonder how Sam knew what Torres was saying, and offer up various explanations, but none of them fit. Derek says that Torres must have brought something back from the Philippines. Lan says, "What, like malaria?" Derek replies, "No, something with an appetite." Why does Derek get all the cheesiest lines? Derek decides that they need to look at that inventory tape from Torres' warehouse.

The gang watches the inventory tape. Torres sits in front of the camera and opens a box that Derek and Jason saw in the warehouse. Derek has Chloe rewind it. Torres opens the box with some effort. He gets up to answer the room service call at the door. Mmm, room service. Sorry. Shadow-tendrils creep out of the box, and turn off the camera. No, for real. Lan whispers, "What was that?"

The gang looks at the box we saw in the inventory tape. Lan is on the phone with someone, translating the Tagalog etched into the side. She says, "The Aswang rides the dark of night, reborn again on each full moon. It grows within our human darkness, devouring the souls of those in shadow. Beware this vault, for it holds true evil. Beware this evil, for its power holds certain death." Lan hangs up the phone, saying that her translator friend is scared. Chloe explains that the Aswang is a Filipino vampire myth with many forms, but one is that it lives inside your shadow, like a parasite, until the full moon when it can kill. Derek realizes what we all did about twenty minutes ago -- that the Aswang is in Sam's shadow, using him the way that it used Torres. Derek continues to explain that the Aswang hurt the dog and Dr. Gibson because they were threats. Derek busts out the laptop and looks at the surveillance video from the massacre. They spot a shadow-tendril coming out of Torres' shadow. Derek asks when the next full moon is, and Jason responds that it's that night. What? So soon? Didn't the massacre just happen a few days before? Doesn't the full moon only happen once per month, maybe twice once in, well, a blue moon? Whatever. The gang takes off to try to stop the Aswang from killing again. Derek takes the box, reasoning that the Aswang got trapped in there once, and maybe they can do it again.

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