Subject: Me And My Shadow

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The X-Files Rip-off

The gang rushes into the hospital, and finds Sam's room. Uh-oh. Sam's not in his bed. Chloe wakes up Jennifer and asks where Sam is, but she didn't know he was gone. Derek looks out the window and murmurs, "We're out of time." We follow his gaze out the window to see the full moon.

Cut to a formal dance filled with high school kids. They're all dancing and laughing. Sam is standing in the middle of the floor, in his pajamas. And NO ONE NOTICES! You're telling me that not one dancer or chaperone, or anyone would notice a little kid standing in the middle of the floor in his pajamas? Sam looks like he's trying to take a dump. We see the shadow-tendrils start to flow out of his shadow, one at first, and then many. And…commercial.

Chloe and Derek run up to the desk and ask Impassive Nurse about Sam. She doesn't believe that he's missing at first. Chloe orders her to call the police and security, and tell them that Sam has left the hospital. If they find him, they should call her instead of picking him up. Chloe claims to be his doctor. Chloe and Derek run out of the hospital. Derek explains that they need to find an enclosed space with lots of people -- what the Aswang would consider "one stop shopping." Cut back to the nurse on the phone. Jason runs by and she points him in the direction of Derek and Chloe. Lan is, as usual, left behind.

Jason catches up to Derek and Chloe, now outside the hospital. He brought the box. Derek asks about Lan, and Jason says she stayed behind with Jennifer. Puking Guy from earlier walks out, and I'm glad that there was a reason for them to be in the episode, besides a cheap vomit joke. Derek asks them if there's a dance around somewhere.

Cut to people dancing, same as before. Derek, Jason, and Chloe run in. Sam is nowhere to be seen. Derek says that they have to get everyone out. Jason pulls the fire alarm. The alarm goes off. Everyone stands around. The gang starts yelling "Fire! Get out!" and finally the people start running out. Derek scales a handy nearby scaffolding. As all the people exit the dance floor, they finally see Sam standing in the middle with the Aswang tendrils rising out of his shadow. As they watch, the Aswang leaves his shadow entirely and then starts circling back around towards him. Chloe realizes that it's going to kill him and starts running out there. Jason follows her, tossing the box aside, and the box falls open. Chloe grabs Sam and hands him to Jason, but the Aswang starts crawling up her leg. Derek just yells, but meanwhile he's standing next to a giant spotlight. Hello? Turn it on! The shadows crawl up Chloe for a while before Derek figures it out and turns on the spotlight. The Aswang leaves Chloe. Derek yells at her to get up as the Aswang creeps along the floor. Derek runs out after her, and the Aswang starts coming after him. He jumps up and hangs from a rope while yelling at Jason to turn all of the lights on. Jason does. The Aswang retreats, and Derek drops back to the floor. The Aswang ends up creeping back into the box. Derek dives over and closes the box, and then laughs. Chloe wakes up and calls for Sam, who runs over and hugs her. Everyone smiles. Fade to white.

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