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Cut to Derek-cam running across a lawn after the person he thought was XT, until two Dobermans stop him. Aw, it's just like Magnum P.I.! Derek runs from the dogs. Just as Derek reaches the others, Boomer comes out and calls off the dogs. Derek starts to explain what he was doing, but Jason interrupts and apologizes. As Chloe and Jason rush Derek off, Boomer approaches Lan and does the old "phone number on the hand" thing. Like it wouldn't rub off. Boomer tells Lan to call him, and Lan walks off.

The next morning, Jason sits outside and watches the XT video footage on the laptop. Derek, eating cereal next to him, asks if he thinks Lan will call Boomer, and Jason thinks she'll be "too mortified" after Derek's behavior. Derek walks back inside, ribbing Jason all the while about his "unhealthy interest" in the video, which are big words from someone who nearly gets killed, well, every week in his pursuit of the truth. Derek stops short when he sees Joy standing in his office. She tells him to butt out, but she uses more words than that. Jason comes in to show Derek something in the video, and when Derek looks back, Joy has disappeared. Jason has spotted a wire or something attached to XT's leg in the video, and he tells Derek to get dressed so they can go check it out. Are they going to travel back in time to the video shoot? I'm confused.

Jason and Derek arrive at the warehouse or whatever where the video was filmed and XT was killed. This reminds me of when we were in Las Vegas, and I kept saying, "Isn't this where X-Pac was shot?" Everyone pretty much ignored me. Jason says that the wire was probably attached to a battery, and that XT was "squibbed" -- in other words, they attached "blood bags" to him and then set them off when the gun went off, thus giving the appearance of being shot. Jason thinks that Joy confronted Wexler at the party "to keep up the charade." Derek laughs at Jason, which is kind of mean for all the reasons I have detailed above, but not the least of which is that Jason gave up a great job with his father to keep doing this. Jason says they need to go to "the source," and at first I thought he meant The Source, like the magazine, but I guess not.

The writers waste about ten minutes showing some bad music video by a Macy Gray lookalike (but she sounds more like Aaliyah or something). Apparently, Hollowell, XT's friend, is directing said video. God, it goes on for so long. Hollowell finally calls for a lunch break as Derek and Jason show up. Jason asks him about XT's death, and points out that XT was squibbed. Hollowell says he's going to call security. As the three of them walk away, an unidentified male walks up and knocks the lever off a convenient water cooler, so that water starts spilling all over the floor. Shots of Derek and Jason interrogating Hollowell are intercut with shots of the water spreading across the floor. Derek asks Hollowell what he's afraid of. Derek thinks Hollowell is "scared of the truth." Hollowell claims that "he has some unfinished business, and he's going to finish it." Hollowell starts to walk off, right into the giant puddle of water. Like wouldn't he notice that he was walking through a huge amount of water on the floor? Of course, some electrical equipment starts sparking and Hollowell is electrocuted. Derek spots someone standing in the shadows, but Jason misses it. Derek thinks it was XT.

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