Subject: Still I Rise

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Derek runs over to help XT and Joy, but they are nowhere to be found. The rest of the gang pulls up in the Gremlin, but they missed the whole thing, and they didn't see XT and Joy outside either. Derek starts excitedly explaining the whole thing. Jason and Lan look on confusedly, as Chloe excitedly listens to the story, and believes every word Derek says. Please tell me they aren't setting Chloe and Derek up to be a couple.

Back at Freakylinks HQ, Lan works on the computer as Derek walks in and explains that he's not going to post the story since he wants to let XT live in peace. Boomer arrives wearing something he bought at MC Hammer's bankruptcy auction. Lan starts to leave, but Derek stops her and asks if they're okay. Lan says they are, and that she knows how Derek feels and it's okay. Then, she leaves with Boomer, who tells her she looks great, which she does. Stupid writers. The song on the soundtrack is such a rip-off of a song by Notorious B.I.G. that it hurts me. Chloe shows up and asks Derek if he wants to go get a beer. He does. Bleh.

Next week: there's some sort of vampire that lives inside people's shadows, and Chloe is once again the victim. Sigh.

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