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The Return

Blipvert. Lan reveals to Tamara that "Adam programmed the server to constantly send chapters over the net." What does that even mean? Can't they hire a computer consultant for this show? Whatever. The point is that lots of people are downloading the book, and the free world is safe from harbingers once again. Derek walks in and Tamara thanks him. Derek tells her to thank Lan. He finds Chloe looking sad, and reminds her that they did it. Chloe wishes Adam was there to see it. Derek says maybe he is. They hug. Stu walks in with his camera. Derek shoos him away and tells him that "there's no story here." Derek shoves Stu out the door.

Jason walks in while Derek is packing things up. Jason asks what they should do with the axe he used to attack Derek. Derek suggests that they save it. Jason apologizes. Derek says there's no need, and that they are a team. Derek walks out, and Jason throws his father's offer letter into the garbage before following him.

Salsa music again. Jason and Lan dance. Chloe snuggles with Adam. Okay, must be a dream. Vince comes up and serves Derek a drink. Lan pulls Chloe away from Adam. Derek and Adam lock eyes and Adam smiles at Derek. I think that's the first time we've ever seen Adam smile. Cut to sleeping Derek, holding a copy of The Harbingers, and smiling in his sleep. You know what? I didn't hate this episode. It wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible either. It held my interest. Is there something wrong with me?

Next week: A dead rapper named XT is suddenly not dead anymore.

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