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The Return

Cut to a table at the café. Jason asks what a harbinger is, exactly. Chloe explains that they are "invisible creatures" (although the one in the opening scene was visible enough) that dig their fingers into your mind. Jason asks if it was Adam's favorite book. Derek says Adam had bad taste -- in food, not women! This leads to Derek and Chloe having an Adam memorial ceremony, while Jason looks uncomfortable and bored. What's up with Jason? I can't believe that I'm actually interested in the plot of this show. The DerekCam picks up some other guy walking down the street with a camera, who Derek recognizes as "Stu." It seems that Stu used to work for Mahlberg (the other weird stuff collector from the first episode -- don't pretend you don't remember!), but now he's on his own. Derek thinks he saw the information on the Freakylinks website. Duh! If this is such a cutthroat business, why would you mention upcoming investigations on your website? Derek and Stu exchange insults, and then Stu hits on Chloe, revealing that he works for a site called "" Chloe walks away. Jason and Stu intimidate each other. Stu calls them all amateurs. Jason notices some chick watching them through a shop window.

The chick walks out of her shop, and up to Derek, calling him Mr. Barnes. She slaps Derek in the face, saying that "he trusted you and you lied to him," and then walks back into her shop. At first, I thought it was the actress who played Molly on Felicity, but it's not. But that might give you a visual. Anyway, Derek's all shocked, and Chloe thinks that shop girl thought Derek was Adam. Derek figures out that Adam must have been in Cassadaga. Chloe says she never heard of Adam coming there. Derek explains about his dream. Derek takes out his cell phone, saying that he wants to know if Derek came there, and when. Chloe says that she would rather know why.

Cut to Lan up on a stack of books, looking for something among some shelves. She's on the phone with Derek. Suddenly, she screams -- she found the head in a jar from the first episode. Derek asks if she's okay. Aw, he's in love with her! My interpretation. Anyway, Derek explains that she's looking for some record that Adam was in Cassadaga, like "a notebook or a file." Lan finds "a videotape labeled 'Cassadaga,'" and says that she'll bring it to them. Hey, I was just thinking that Lan never gets to go on the little field trips! Great!

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