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The Return

Some time later, Derek walks into the room after talking to the cops. He says that Stu reserved a room in a nearby motel, but never checked in, so now no one knows where he is, and they're all going to sleep together tonight. Jason's all, "All right!" and Lan's all, "You wish."

After a weird cut, where Derek is walking into the room with the tape (even though he was just in the room moments ago), they get ready to watch it. Lan tells Jason quietly that she thinks they should let Derek and Chloe watch the tape alone because "it's personal." Chloe overhears and says that they can stay. Lan says she's going downstairs. Alone? With crazy Stu on the loose? After she leaves, Jason says he'll go with her, and shakes his head. Something weird is going on with Jason. Derek and Chloe pop in the tape.

On the tape, Adam gives some background on the Ashcroft situation, while we see the author handing out copies of his book to largely uninterested passersby. Cut to Adam greeting Shop Girl (whose name is Tamara). Chloe looks uncomfortable. Adam starts to interview Ashcroft, who doesn't want to discuss "the booze or the ex-wife." Ashcroft is crochety. Adam asks, "Why haven't they stopped you?" Ashcroft looks shocked and tells Adam to turn the camera off. Cut to Adam saying that Ashcroft confirmed everything, then says, "Note to self: do not forget to get Tamara's number. She's a cutie. Derek, you're going to love her. She's just your type. And remember to get Chloe's ring. Be sure the inscription's right." Aw, see? He wasn't having an affair with Shop Girl! He was scoping her out for Derek. Chloe and Derek look relieved.

Lan and Jason are downstairs. Jason seems bothered. Lan tells him that they can watch the video later on, and asks what's going on. Jason reveals that his dad wants him to "go back to Boston and work for the firm." Lan reads a letter which reveals that Jason is being offered over $100,000 a year, full benefits, and a new car, and then guesses that Jason isn't taking it. Jason says it would be "like living in the past." ["What an idiot. Live in the past -- like a king!" -- Wing Chun] They joke about what kind of car he would get.

Everyone is sleeping -- Lan and Chloe in the bed, Derek on the window seat, and Jason on the floor. Derek asks Chloe if she thinks Adam is dead. Chloe says that they buried him, and that Adam gave her a ring when he got back from Cassadaga. The inscription is in French, and translates to "You and no other." Chloe thinks that if Adam was still alive, he would be with her, so he's gone and never coming back, "except maybe in [their] dreams." Chloe and Derek are both crying. Derek says that he and Adam were a team. Cut to Jason, not at all sleeping on the floor.

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