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The Return

It's night. Derek watches a night-vision image on the laptop screen. Derek keeps seeing "hot" images -- and they really should decide if this is night vision, or infrared vision, because they're not the same thing. ["Exactly. We all watched the night shots on Survivor." -- Wing Chun] Derek shoots two guys arguing. One of the guys is walking around talking to himself, and on the screen, there's a glowing thing on the guy's back. Derek says importantly, "Guys? They're real!" and points to his copy of The Harbingers.

Derek has brought Tamara down to show her the images. Derek thinks that Ashcroft created the harbingers, and was spreading him by giving out the book. Adam was there to stop Ashcroft. Tamara doesn't believe it, thinking that Adam was there to help Ashcroft. She walks off, and Lan and Chloe follow her. Jason makes a comment to Derek, and Derek tells him to cut it out. Derek thinks that the harbingers got to Tamara, and tries to get the camera from Jason, who isn't giving it up. Derek tells Jason he's "sick and tired of having every decision [he] makes second-guessed by [Jason]." In the background, we see Tamara throw up her hands and walk away. Derek and Jason continue to argue. Jason again refuses to give up the camera, and Scullys Derek, saying it was probably an "electronic glitch" and that the whole thing is in Derek's head. Derek threateningly says, "Are you saying Adam was wrong?" Jason says that Adam wasn't thinking clearly, and neither is Derek, and that Derek has something that Adam never had -- the gang. The girls have walked back, and are standing there listening, now. Jason tells Derek that they can't help him unless he stops "living in the past." More arguing. Adam killed himself. Derek needs to accept that. Jason is done there. Derek agrees. Hey, isn't this a lot like the two guys arguing that Derek saw on the screen? Jason walks away. Chloe goes after him. Derek walks off alone with the camera. Vince is sitting in a bush, and tells Derek that he's "lost again," and that he had better turn around.

Cut to Derek, Lan, and Chloe at Tamara's bookshop. Derek says that he was wrong about Ashcroft, but he's there and Adam was there, so that means something. Before Tamara can reply, Stu busts down the door calling Derek's name, and carrying a shotgun. Stu gets off a couple of wild shots before Derek rushes him and tosses him onto the floor. Stu lands on a copy of The Harbingers and has a seizure, and a puff of smoke emanates from his head. Derek yells to Lan to get the camera. Stu won't wake up. Derek tells everyone to stick together because "there's something in here." He also reminds Lan not to stop rolling. Derek lifts up a tablecloth, and sees a glowing blob under the table. No one else can see anything. Lan sees it through the camera, and says that it's fading. Finally, the blob fades out.

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